Neem paste and acne skin

by Osama
(Karachi, Pakistan)

I am using neem and water paste on my skin. It is now removing my old acne scars on my back especially.

It helps to remove acne, acne scars and pimples. I am also eating two to three leaves of fresh neem daily with water and it is controlling my pimples. Now I have no pimples on my face.

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Neem paste
by: Birgit

Thanks for writing, Osama. You are the second reader this week to report excellent results with neem paste.

by: wajiha

Please tell how can we take neem water and paste?

Should I boil the neem into water and drink that water or what to do? Please help me.

I have acne more in my forehead.

Help me and give advice if any one have it.

by: Ikhlaque Ahmed

Worked for few days then acne reappeared on the face. what should I do know?

Neem and lemon paste.
by: Osama

The neem and lemon paste can remove your old acne scars on your face, upper back, lower back and shoulders.

Grind some neem leaves and then add one lemon juice to the ground leaves and make a paste.

Apply this paste on your old acne spots. You will see results in two days. Finally I have to say that neem is the key to cure skin disorders.

According to my knowledge, neem cures over 100 skin disorders. If you chew neem leaves daily, fever and cough will not catch you. Its guaranteed!

Help me
by: muskan

Hello, I have so many acne and acne scars on my face. Please help me. What should I do?

by: Anonymous

I am using neem paste and neem water for pimples on my face but I don't feel it gave such good results.

I use the water twice; in the morning and evening. Use it once at night and wash it off after 20 minutes.

The paste really itches on my face and as for the pimples and scars, they are at no good position. In fact new pimples are forming. What should I do?

Please help.

Neem and lemon is only for spots
by: osama

Neem and lemon is only for old spots and for brighter complexion. For pimples, drink plenty of water and keep your face dry. Don't use beauty soaps. Don't use a harsh soap and don't touch your face unnecessarily.

by: Pandher

Hi Everyone!

I've been using neem water and I leave it directly on my face or in a clay pack. It has worked wonders on my skin the very first day. Eating the leaves helped me get rid of my 10 year old acne problem!

Please tell me
by: Anonymous

Sir I'm using neem water. I grind the leaves with water and then drink half glass daily and I did it for 15 days.

My acne reduced but I felt dryness and my lips have got very dry. I stopped having this juice and the result is that acne have again started appearing on my face.

Kindly tell me what should I do now. I am waiting for your reply.

Acne Scars
by: Anonymous

I never had acne in my entire life, but now as I turned 25, there has been a sudden outburst of acne and these acne leave bad acne scars which trouble me a lot. :( I went to a darmatologist and these scars became worse. :( Please help me and suggest something which can help me in getting rid of these scars. Please help.

Neem Paste and Lemon Juice
by: Anonymous

Does it realy works? Please tell me because I am in so much depresion due to acne scars.

by: Anonymous

I live in America. Where can I find neem leaves?

Scars Hurt More Than Acne
by: Anon

Tell me the best remedy to remove scars? Please for God sake, tell me. Its ruining my life. I'll be so thankful to you.

by: Anonymous

Neem works great. Neem and lemon cleared my acne and sun tan both. Thanks to neem :)

My Skin ;(
by: maham Khan

Hey Osama, please would you tell me that I have deep acne pits or scars on my face and especially at the cheeks side. They look very ugly especially on a girls face. I am 17 and I am looking for a cure. I've tried many natural recipes but they don't work but I haven't tried neem on my scars yet. I have neem powder at my home... and it’s in the plastic packet from the last 2 years. Would you tell me if the neem powder would work on my scars? And if it would, then with what should I mix it and how should I apply it? I want results in just 1 week because I have got a debate ahead. Please help me. I am much tensed and shy going out in public. My ugly acne scars makes me unconfident and shy? Help me please?

by: Anonymous

I am 30 year old and I have acne on my forehead. I went to dermatologist and he prescribed some creams and medicines. But after applying these creams, it’s become more and my skin is burning now. I am using neem water. I am drinking one glass of neem water early morning but result is nothing. Please advise me how to make neem paste and how to apply on acne and how to use neem water for drinking after meal or before meal. Thanks.

Please Help Me
by: Anonymous

I don’t used to have acne but suddenly I started to have acne on one side of my skin. I have used so many medicated dermatologists’ medicated creams but no use. Now I am using neem with cloves, still no result. So can you tell me what I should mix with neem so that my painful acne disappear…please help me.

Pimples :-(
by: divu

Hey all....I started using neem leaves paste, hoping to remove my pimples and scars left by them. I want to know in how many days I can see results? Please reply.

Neem leaf paste is reallly good for my combination skin
by: Stranger

I am using neem leaf paste on my face for last three days and notice that it really works when everything failed. But want to know how many days it will take to remove all my pimples which are reddish and many in number?

Neem and Lemon
by: Gautam

During the summer time I often chew 5-7 leaves of Neem and drink a glass of water first thing after getting up. Recently this winter, I started having a warm glass of water with juice of one lemon in it with 5-7 leaves of Neem. But I am eating neem leaves for last, many years as there is Neem tree in our house and Ii hope it is good for building some resistance in body.

How to remove acnes, and stop new ones
by: Anonymous

This is not a natural product but will change your life for the better. Use a solution called Stiemycin and you will never have to worry about acne forming. If at all an acne forms just dab a bit of this solution on your acne and you will be left with a clear complexion in 2-3 day. Changed my life!

Acne Scars
by: khushbu

I m having very deep acne scars since last 12 yrs. Please help. I got engaged...what can I do?

proper method
by: Anonymous

applying neem on your face will be irritating and not that easy for all. try eating two neem leaves washed daily in the morning empty stomach. this will give you more benfits than just good skin!

neem powder
by: Anonymous

I cannot find fresh neem leaves where I live. So can I use saeed ghani's neem powder for face??

by: Shwet


I'm pregnant and i'm planning to apply boiled neem water on my face and back for acne. I just want to know if it's safe for me.

I would really appreciate the comments.


how to remove pimples and acne?
by: Anonymous

I have small pimples in my forehead and large pimples in my cheeks and some small pimples started coming 3 months ago. What should I do?

oily skin and pimples
by: Anonymous

I have oily skin due to which pimples are more on my face. Do you suggest to apply Neem leaves paste. Will it help me to cure? I m washing face regularly and drinking enough water. Please suggest me the best possible solution. Thanks in advance.

remove black spots
by: nicy

I have so many black spots on my face by pimple. Please give me some suggestions.

How can i remove it fast? I have applied so many formula but it cant work. Please answer me fast.

old scar
by: kitty

I've old scar. how to get rid of it please suggest me?

acne problem
by: Anonymous

Can you tell me whether dried neem leaves are effective or fresh leaves for acne?

acne problem
by: Anonymous

I am on medication. So can I use the neem leaves at day time?

neem paste
by: neha

I have a skin problem on my whole body .... that was small pimple with dead cell.... I exactly don't know what that is but I consist to doctor and he told me that is a kind of pimple ... can u tell me how to remove whole pimple from my body..?

black spots
by: bhagwat

hii.I have a black spot on my face would suggest me what should I use to get rid of it...

acne and acne scars
by: Anonymous

For all those suffering with acne and acne scars...use tea tree will work wonders on your me...just dont use it alone...dilute it in almond oil or rose water and apply it...let it b there overnight and wash it off in the morning...u cn pour a drop in ur facewash also...

red spots and acne scars
by: zehra

I hv a red spots acne scars and small small pimpls on face ;( plzz help me plz...

Neem Bar results
by: Anonymous

Hello! I tried using neembark on my face after reading the comments in this site and I have seen the improvement on my face! I have an acne-prone skin and i had terrible breakout recently.

I have been using the neembark for 2 days now and i could see that the acne is showing signs of healing. Thank you!

Acnes and scars on forhead and faces..
by: Amina

I am a malayali girl of 17 years.i have acnes and scars on my face..I have tried more with natural treatment..even i have gone to the homeo by day the acnes are coming it there any treatment with neem paste..plzz tell me..or is it may i can use the paste told by osama..plzz help me..if u gyz give me any kind of comment it would be thankful to me..plzz give me a comment as fast as you can..

Facial discoloration
by: Anonymous

If you have black spots due to sun, stress or any kind of skin insult, apply neem paste will see how quickly they fade away...


I have pimples on my face. I use Neem paste, I apply at night and wash in morning but till now I have not get good result.
What should I do??

wanna help about acne
by: sara

Kindly tell me how I remove my pimples and spots from my face. I had a grand ceremony. Just two days left there. I'm very tensed. Kindly help me please please

skin indents
by: Ahmed

Hello yar did you have skin indents? Or just scars? Because sometimes when you pop your pimples you end up with minor skin indents...

Did this neem cure your indents?

neem leaves and tumeric
by: Anonymous

How long will neem leaves and tumeric take to remove acne and scars?

I am now pimple free
by: pratiksha ruthe

Neem really helps to clear all pimples, pimple marks and help to make our skin clear and clean. We should consume neem paste twice a day and too apply it on skin. I have got good result within 2-3 days.

by: Anonymous

Hi, I used neem water by drinking and it reduced my acne which was a year old. I think you should try.

Health is wealth
by: Neem is awesome.

Acne, the worst...right? I've had acne since I was 15. I am now 32. I still suffer from acne. It is a daily concern for me. What I've read so far on this forum is helpful and thought I would offer some of my own comments, opinions and suggestions. It will probably be long, because I have quite a bit to say but I'll start with the word patience... it is key! There is unfortunately no overnight cure for this unfortunate circumstance!
I began seeing a derm when I was 16 and went through many of the same treatments and medicines that are mentioned by others. Differin gel, and some salycylic acid as well as antibiotics. I feel like right away a lot of these things helped, but then my acne (cystic) would return/mutate/change rules and a myriad of other frustrating things. By college I was used to acne BUT also as a young woman I went onto birth control as a contraceptive and NOT for its other "benefits". Now I've always been considered pretty, cute etc. and always have had romantic partners in my life. So the acne, while I felt it was extremely obvious and embarrassing, was not a total deterrent. So, the birth control did help... again, AT FIRST but then my acne changed again. Not only was it hella painful, it's just so embarrassing. I have always been so self conscious about and be you know, I definitely touched my face to COVER it up which is a huge no no. Anyway back to my story line... If you are still reading I'm going to begin tying in the holistic approaches I've tried / thoughts / reflections.
I went off of birth control, started practicing yoga and yes, became a vegetarian! So at this point my acne was still bad but it would clear up every once in a while and I'd just thank the universe for that blessed time, because it always came back. I began learning more and more about my body and my yoga practice really helped me to feel more calm and lessen my ANXIETY, I noticed that my acne would improve as I practiced yoga and meditation. After college I moved to a larger city (more pollution) and again my acne altered itself. I felt like there was always a layer of city grit on my face and the breakouts worsened. They changed to being little white heads allllll over my cheeks along with the cystic acne of my teens. So I chugged along buying the products that claimed the would rid me of this insurmountable problem. I began eating meat again and over the course of two years immersed myself into the study of yoga. I completed a teacher training and began to learn about Ayurveda which is an ancient Indian practice in wellness. Yoga and Ayurveda are intended to be coupled and practiced together. I was about 27/28 by this point and still, acne was like my bfffffffff. Even though I tried to break up with it. Instead of cutting meat out of my diet I started to cut wayyyyyyyy back on both dairy and soy. Improvement... definitely. I was blown away. Though NEEM is an Ayurvedic plant I hadn't yet discovered it OR the power of oil cleansing. What? Wait putting more oil on my already greasy face? Yep! I began with coconut. Maybe a little too rich for me. I was also simultaneously involved in a raw vegan cleanse which involved colon hydrotherapy and complete restriction of sugar, dairy, processed foods and caffeine. My skin was clear for the first time since I was 15! What did I learn? My BFF had a lot to do with my diet and lifestyle. Oh did it ever. I was on a great path for about 3 years, had glowing skin with a little bit of acne but not to the extent it was before. I also bought neem pills and triphala which helps to cleanse your colon aka your large intestine. I didn't stay raw vegan BUT that was a catalyst to help me understand a whole lot about how my body processed things.
I began using NEEM one year ago after I saw it at whole foods. Now I'm definitely hooked. In my experience massaging my face gently under some warm water for about 5 minutes (toward the end of a shower) and rubbing a very small amount of neem oil on my face before I hit the hay would always aid in healing my skin and actually dry out my cystic acne. My face had less redness and the acne is tamed. While it has helped I have also cut out all desserts and sugar with the exception of fruits and honey or maple syrup. Sugar is a major key to cutting down on the inflammation in our bodies. It is in everything that we don't make ourselves and for me it really has helped. I've also started ingesting neem and I am hoping it helps me to reduce my acne problems even further.
When I read many of these posts I noticed people asking for a quick solution... There isn't one. What I would suggest is beginning to replace bad habits with good habits. Just a little at a time, it doesn't change over night, but now, at 32 I understand my acne as not only a reflection of what I put into my body, but also what I surround myself with in my daily life. Take stress, a bad diet, and negative thoughts and even friends and just examine them. Begin to ask yourself what you can do today because it will make a difference. Pay attention to how you feel with the absence or presence of these things and what creates a positive environment. Don't judge yourself when you eat French fries... Do something good for your body/mind/spirit the next.
Acne is different for every BODY because we all live in different places filled with different things. What works for one may not work for the next. If you have acne really begin to pay attention to how your body responds to foods. If you are extremely constipated, have a lot of joint pain, always have a stuffy nose after you eat certain things, your body is telling you something. I hope this will help, neem forever!

it's how you use it
by: Anonymous

Wash your skin with soap at least 2 times,
it will help soften it,

then rub a little face scrub on each side of your face, and start washing with this face scrubber that's in the link,

scrub for at least 10 minutes, add a little water when it becomes too dry,
rub fairly hard to affected areas,

then wash with soap, and rinse,

after these steps, use neem oil.

I saw amazing results very quickly.

Text me if you need any more info.

by: bharathi

I have acne on my shoulders and my hands. I consulted with the doctor, she gave me creams and soap. It didn't work for me at all. It increased a lot after I am trying these. Could you please suggest to me how can I make a neem paste?

Harshness due to neem paste
by: Anonymous

Hi there. I applied paste of neem leaves, haldi and lemon juice. But it harshed my skin. I washed it repeatedly with colder water and then it relaxed. Kindly tell me whether it's normal?


Info about neem paste
by: Anonymous

How much time is required to apply neem and water paste on face acne, can you tell me please?

acne and boils
by: kingmaker

Hi everyone,
I'm suffering from boils and acne, can anyone give suggestion to get rid from tHis problem?
I'm thankful to you if you do so.

by: mahi

Hi everybody. I was having very clear skin but 3 months before I was affected by dengue fever and I got lot of rashes on my face.

Now those rashes are forming acnes. So I decided to use neem paste regularly.

So I started 4 days before to use neem paste on my face daily. I will apply it at night time for 1 hour (only neem leaves paste, I won't mix anything with this).

But there is no improvement on my face (not even 1%).
Am I doing it correctly? Should I wait for some more days to get result?

Please anyone help me!!! I stopped coming out of my house due to these acne. Because everybody is asking that, what happened to your face what happened to your face? :-( :-(

Coming August month my marriage date got fixed :-( :-(

Please someone help me to get rid of these acne naturally. Please

by: Anonymous

You need to buy an electronic derma-pen, you can get one at make me heal online. You need to needle your face once every three weeks to promote collagen, no more than once every three weeks, give it time to heal and produce the skin. Patience is important. And also at make me heal get the scar fx silicone sheets to wear at night on your scars for about 2 months. You can just keep doing it forever for great skin. You will be amazed, two months to three months from now you will have smooth skin. Scar fx sheets are used in burn units. They really work. And a neem face mask once a week is a great addition.

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