Neem pesticide as a bug repellent for goats

I have two goats. They are constantly grooming and itching so I am reluctant to use pesticides to repel flies and mosquitoes. Do you have any idea as to how neem oil might work? Most of what I have seen on this website relates to use on plants, humans and dogs/cats. I think my family has used neem on our chickens in the past, but that was for lice. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Using neem oil on goats
by: Birgit

Hi Miranda,
I don't have any links handy but I can tell you that neem oil has been trialled on goats, probably more than on any other live stock, with good success. The trials have been conducted in African countries and evaluated the effectiveness of neem against ticks. Neem greatly reduced the number of ticks on the goats with no negative side effects whatsoever.

I also just found another trial from Italy that tested a neem insecticide on Angora goats, against lice. The trial also showed good results and concluded that neem-based insecticides may have potential interest for mohair producing breeders".

You can certainly use neem oil on your goats and I would expect you to get good results. After all, the repellent action is the same, no matter if the neem oil resides on goat hair or dog hair...

Have a look at this question about using neem oil on cattle for suggestions on how to use it and information about the limitations.

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