Neem powder or leaf for cats

by Chay

I know neem powder has helped the child of a friend with many airborne allergies. I have a cat with persistent runny eyes and multiple sneezing fits that knock her off her feet, some mucousy discharge. Using childrens antihistamines is problematic and every time she goes to the vet steroids are prescribed. She weighs about 11 pounds. Can I safely use a dosage of powder or leaf to try to bring her allergies under control?

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Neem leaf powder for cats
by: Birgit

Hi Chay,

Good to hear that neem powder worked so well for your friend's child.

Please note that I am not a veterinarian and this is not medicinal advice, just my thoughts and opinions.

I don't see any problems with trying it on your cat. I would start with very little and gradually increase the dosage.

The hardest part will be getting the cat to take it. If the cat refuses the leaf you could try bark powder instead. It doesn't have as strong a flavour.

I'd just sprinkle a little bit over the food. Hopefully she'll get used to the flavour.

Allergies: Honey and Nettle tea
by: Anonymous

I give my cats local honey off my finger, sometimes flavoring the water with nettle and honey tea, very dilute. Full strength works for humans' allergies is what I have experienced. It?s just an idea! I have no idea what neem experience for a cat would be like, but know what works here at the farm and avoiding dairy, second hand smoke, pollutants, etc.

Sometimes animals are allergic to something like a synthetic bed. All our old fellows like getting wool and nettles when they get aged and arthritic. One dog actually seeks that plant out! And elder kitties vie for special sections on the lamb's wool. Anyhow, best wishes with your pet; would like to know if you did use neem and what your resultant outcome was.

Best wishes

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