Neem seed oil on toenail infection

by Kim

My 7 y year old daughter had an ingrown toenail that developed a painful bacterial infection. Her second toe was angry, red, swollen and had a blister of pus, it was too painful for her to wear shoes or walk. I took her to the MD, who squeezed the pus out, which he collected and cultured to determine the strain of bacteria. The MD prescribed an oral antibiotic.

At home, she took the antibiotic as directed, but I'm not the kind of person who entirely trusts the doctors. I usually double up with a natural treatment. So I also applied 100% organic neem seed oil (expeller pressed) topically to the infection, 2 drops massaged in, 3-4 times per day for just two days. By the third day, the infection completely cleared up! We discontinued the oral antibiotics shortly thereafter.

On the seventh day after the doctor visit, the doctor's office called to say that results of the culture indicated that she had a MRSA infection, which would not respond to the antibiotic they prescribed. I was caught off guard, since she had been completely healed for several days at this point, and we'd moved on with life. When my husband told the nurse that the toe was completely better, they did not believe him, and he later told me it took a bit of convincing that we would not need another prescription called in.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend treating MRSA with neem alone. Infections can get septic or bloodborne, not to mention the contagiousness. If you think you have MRSA, please see a doctor. But if you are carefully monitoring the infection, neem would be worth a try before seeing a doctor, or in conjunction with conventional treatment.

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Neem oil on toenail infection
by: Birgit

Thank you very much, Kim, for sharing this impressive experience! And thank you especially for the very sensible approach and recommendation in your last paragraph.

I love it when people display so much understanding and common sense and I am delighted (though not particularly surprised) to hear that neem oil worked so well for your daughter.

Thanku for sharing
by: Sue

I have a loved one with ingrown toenails and will try this.

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