Neem seed production within Australia as a business

by Phil

Is there currently neem seed production in Australia? Is it likely that neem seed production may become a viable, serious business proposition within Australia?

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Don't hold your breath
by: Birgit

Neem trees were promoted for planting in northern Australia in the 1970s and 1980s. Many trial plantations were established back then.

In 1999 the world's largest neem plantation was in northern Queensland. Once those trees came into production it became obvious that they create massive environmental problems.

But even if you ignore those problems, it doesn't look promising.

The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation did a feasibility study in 2001.

According to that study the major challenges in Australia area:

  • High costs of harvesting the seeds. (In India this is done by manual labour, that's a bit expensive here.)

  • Processing. (Extracting the active ingredient azadirachtin in a way that's cost efficient and gives a stable, non toxic product.)

  • The efficacy of the products on specific insect pests, for use on specific crops or in certain circumstances isn't researched enough yet. Makes marketing and selling the stuff difficult.
  • No neem products are registered for agricultural, therapeutical or veterinary use, despite repeated attempts to do so.

It's the whole system that would need to be developed: production, processing, distribution. There is no machinery, no plants, no knowledge, not enough demand. And if you can't get any neem products registered in this country then that's unlikely to change.

Also, it is cheap to import neem oil from overseas. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for neem to become a viable commercial crop any time soon.

You are writing from NSW. Are you wondering if one day it may be viable to grow neem in NSW? No, it won't. If at all, you would only be able to establish a viable in plantation in the tropical far north of Australia.

by: Rajni

Hi Phil,

If you are interested in any products of Neem as a business line from India, we can do.

To get a Neem Oil out of dried Neem Seed using a cold crushing is not a easy process, still if you want to process in Australia, I can try to help you.


by: Anonymous


We are looking at developing a neem project near Hyderabad city in our lands.

I would like to know the prospects of doing this business in 60 acres of land.

Please contact me at


Setting up a Neem Farm
by: Anonymous

We are looking at developing a Neem project in the West Indies.

I would like to know the prospects of doing this business. What is the optimum acreage to be cultivated to make a substantial profit in 5 years?

What are the key aspects of investment to be considered?

Please contact me at


Plantation in North Queensland
by: Jenna

Does anyone know how to contact the plantation in Queensland? If so please email me on

Fighting Neem - the Wrong Front
by: Nayan

I'm surprised to see the negative criticism of neem in this page. This is very unfortunate. I believe the policy around neem is wrong.
There are two major varieties of neem in India: neem and ghora neem (local name). Ghora neem grows very quickly and is considered useless (almost). I'm sure the plants you planted in Queensland are of this variety. You can't expect anything better, if that's the case.
If you can find real neem, you'll not have the problem for sure. For myself, I'd love to have few of these trees in my garden. I know what these are worthy of. I reject the negative results propagated in this site.

Indian Natural Neem's
by: Rahul

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contact me if you need any thing on neem
by: Eugene Asa

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