Neem soap for vagina

I'm really interested to know if its ok to use neem soap to clean your vagina??
I have had problems with most soaps since they are anti bacterial and I'm just looking for a natural kind of soap.
Frustrated girl

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Neem soap is anti-bacterial
by: Birgit

If you can make the time, do read this website a bit more. As you will see, neem soap is even more anti-bacterial than other soap. That's the whole point of using it. So if you are worried about a soap being anti bacterial, neem soap might not be what you want.

On the other hand neem soap is soothing and calming for the skin making it the soap of choice for irritated skin.

I'd say you just have to try it out.

Neem soap
by: Rajni


Hope you know that there is no side effect for pure neem soap to use. But in the market there are so many neem Soaps available made with Neem Oil about 20 to 40% with other chemicals and fragrance.

In a short period we are going to bring out Pure Neem Soap with Aloe Vera & other herbals. Even I have asked our readers to give suggestion for the new Pure Neem Soap. I can assure you that Pure Neem Soap will serve your purpose without any side effects.

Best wishes.

Neem soap
by: Anonymous

I have used neem soap all over my body for years. No problems at all. Just make sure it's pure.

by: Anonymous

Can neem cure candidiasis?

Neem soap for vagina
by: Rajni

Dear Friend,

If it is a pure Neem Soap one can use for Vagina, if Soap is not available & the leaves of Neem are there, boiled the Neem leaves in water, that water can be use for Vagina, which can be helpful for cleaning it.


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