Neem Tea for Hypertension/High Blood Pressure

by Joy

My friends all say neem tea is known for lowering high blood pressure. Is this true? If yes, how is this tea made? And how much & how often should it be taken?

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Using neem tea
by: Birgit

Hi Joy,
I am not a doctor and I also don't know your medical background. This answer is not medical advice, it is only general information about neem. Please read it as such.

There have been several studies examining the effect of neem leaves and neem leaf ingredients on blood pressure, blood clots and cholesterol levels. (Please note that most such studies are done on animals, not people.)

Some of the studies showed positive results on high blood pressure. It is not clear if those results are due to a calming effect as seen in other herbal teas, or if it is due to a dilation of the blood vessels as observed for some neem ingredients.

The fact that intravenous application of a certain neem leaf extract has shown a significant drop in blood pressure does not mean that neem tea is a wonder cure. It may be of benefit, but it certainly does not eliminate the need to make lifestyle changes. Neem tea will not eliminate the need to get off the lounge and get moving and to make changes to the diet.

Often people who are struggling with high blood pressure are taking medication. Neem leaves and neem tea contain active substances that may interact with that medication. Anybody who is on any medication should talk to their doctor before starting any self experiments.

Neem tea is made like other herbal teas, by pouring hot water over the leaves and letting them steep. It is extremely bitter.

I hope after reading the above it is clear that there is no such thing as a recommended dosage.

If you feel you would like to try neem tea I suggest you do so carefully and closely observe your reaction to it. Let common sense rule and do not expect miracles. If used sensibly, neem tea may benefit you.

Neem tea and high blood pressure
by: Anonymous

Oh for heavens sake, such drama... it's not "terribly bitter", at least if you buy good neem leaves. The taste is very similar to green tea... add some raw honey if you need to sweeten! Find organic neem, I know they grow organic in the Abacos in the Bahamas. Use 3-5 leaves in a tea "ball", dunk in a cup of hot water. But don't pour BOILING water over the leaves (maybe that's when it gets bitter).

I love it, and only my doctor can tell at my next appt, but I'm not having my usual heart palpitations and can't wait to see if my blood pressure is down! Best of luck.

Neem leaf
by: Deb

I have only taken one dose of neem leaves and surprisingly my blood pressure dropped significantly, that was two days ago. Unfortunately I didn't pick enough to last me over the weekend, can not wait to get some on Tuesday when I return to work. Good luck, guys.

Benefits of Neem
by: Sunshine Bajan Boy

I can testify to the benefits of this wondrous plant.

It controls my hypertension and is an effective blood cleanser and body purifier.

I also find that the berries are useful against male sexual dysfunction.

There are about 3 neem trees around my house which not only provide very good shade but also the leaves and branches act as useful pest repellents.

Dry or green
by: Peter

When using neem leaves in making tea for trying to assist in the control of blood pressure, should the leaves be fresh and green or should they be dried first?

I have neem trees around my house. They are beautiful shade trees and easy to grow in the tropics.

Neem leaves for tea
by: Peter

If you have access to fresh leaves, I would use fresh. If you want to store leaves or take them with you when traveling, you can dry them.

Beneficial effect
by: Niranjan

I am under allopathic treatment for hypertension for the past 12 years.

Recently I started taking 4-5 raw neem leaves in the morning on empty stomach everyday (chewing for 2-3 minutes and swallowing the juice and the leaf completely). Since I was taking the allopathic medicine as well, my blood pressure had fallen below normal! So I stopped the allopathic drug and continued neem leaves and found that the blood pressure is hovering around normal.

This is my experience over the last 15 days. I intend to continue this for some more time before I consult my doctor with the observations (I check my BP with a digital meter at home).

Neem Leaf Tea
by: max bdos

Today is the first time that I will take the neem leaf tea to help with my blood pressure, So I will give you an update soon on how it is working.

Neem Tea With Doctor's Medicine
by: Anonymous

I want to try neem tea but am afraid that it might react with my prescribed medication. Has anyone tried neem along with a prescribed medication before?

by: Jeyam

I have been using amlodiphine for 2 years. It has many side effects so I stopped medication. My BP went up to 160/105. I took a cup of neem tea. The BP went down to 117/75. I felt great. My mother in law said it could affect my eyes. I searched the net and found that neem leaves do not affect the eyes.

Neem a blessing sent by God
by: Neem Ja.

Dear Friends,

For those who don't know to me Neem is one of the best natural remedies God has given to mankind.

I not only use Neem for my personal health benefits but I also market neem and let me tell you this, people with High Blood pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes and Candidas/ Yeast infection of all sorts are reaping the benefits that neem has to offer.

To all ladies I recommend that you boil neem real strong add a clove of garlic then steam your private part for as log as you can and you'll get rid of that thing call Yeast infection and also remember to stay away from dairy products if you have such an health issue.

Neem can also be used to wash the eyes, bathe the skin so as to get rid of Acne, Eczema, psoriasis etc.

Please order your neem from

We ship the best dried neem directly from the Island of Jamaica to any part of the world.

Blessings to all!

whats good for you
by: Anonymous

Hi, just want to say I use neem for my pressure and it does wonders. So to all with high blood pressure go ahead and try it its great for

Neem and Metropolol (blood pressure med
by: Tricia

I was taking Metropolol for 2 weeks and was only able to keep my blood pressure around 170-180/100. i added neem capsules twice a day for only 2 days! and i just had bp reading at my doc's office of 150/100 a 30 point drop from my last doctor visit!!! It didn't interefere with the Metropolol for me!!

I'm gonna try Neem now!
by: Nicole

I think that people are too fussy. If something works for you then drink it and don't complain. All this talk about bitter?

Last week I started noticing high blood pressure issues. I was worried. I have Neem in my yard. I have no time for boiling and honey. I am going to wash a couple leaves chew and swallow and visualize my pressure coming down to normal. I am not a doctor but I feel that food should be better eaten raw for things to work.

Forgive my language ok? I think it will work better than killing what ever benefits there are in it by boiling. I'm going to enjoy some leaves now and then I will post in a day or two with my results. Wish me luck guys.


I tried the Neem
by: Nicole

Hi guys,
I had a total of 6 neem leaves and this thing works. It works good. My pressure was ...I can't remember the top but the bottom was 95 and now it went down to 117 over 70.

But I have to be honest. I had 3 leaves earlier in the day and 3 more later in the afternoon. I chewed them up. I also had other things because I was scared. I had garlic, I also soaked my feet in warm water and juiced a lemon and put it in 8 oz of water,
I also had cayenne pepper in my food as well as flax oil. I used something called CoQ10 and also Hawthorn, Plus I had celery juice. I go to the extreme when I have an issue. I had all these things today. There is something else I had yesterday and today, I won't mention but it is granules and you get nitric oxide from it. I am making arrangements to see the best doctor.

I will be 52 in June but most people think I am in my 20's because I eat healthy and exercise. I believe I had this issue with pressure because of hormone imbalance. I did a lot of research over the last couple days. I also understand that it is not good to eat sugary stuff. There is so much sodium in foods and I always read ingredients. Ok so that's it for now. I am going to cheat and eat a muffin. I'm not telling you guys to do what I did, but I did all this and saw a big difference today.

Neem and High Blood Pressure?
by: Althea

Hi Nicole, and everyone that is maintaining their BP using neem. God has provided these remedies and I believe in His healing powers, and natural remedies over chemicals.

I would like to hear more about how neem is working to lower blood pressure. Nicole mentioned that she is in her fifties; I am also in my fifties, had great BP reading until recently things have gone crazy. I had a physical on the 16th and it was 185/106 and PCP wanted me on medication due to risk of stroke. I refused, my husband is livid. My latest reading was 170/100. I am not crazy, but determined not to take meds, so I am ordering fresh neem leafs to help. I am thinking of ordering the fresh leafs, but don't know how long they will stay fresh before drying. The fresh leafs are more expensive than the dry ones. If there are no difference between using the fresh or dry, I will order the dry which cost half the price of the fresh. Please, let me know how long fresh leafs usually last before drying and how many times per day should I drink neem tea or eat the leafs for good results? Your replies will be appreciated.


by: Neil

I start using neem leaf today in struggling my blood pressure for 180/110 and medication for past two years my friend told me to use this plant and now I try. I'll give you some update after a week. We had many neem tree in my backyard.

No meds for me
by: Maggs

I have tried neem once and it has worked for me but now that my blood pressure has become more serious I decided to go to the doctor and she prescribed Diovan 80 and they worked for the first time. Then I get a higher dose of Diovan 160 and my pressure has been up for nine days now to the point where I have to have support to walk. Diovan doesn't even work. So I get some neem today, I boiled it and I drank some and I will see how it goes now it is really high.
God has given us these trees for all kind of diseases and we need to use them and stop relying on these doctors because they know that these are remedies for a lot of things but will advice you not to used them. They tell you of the side effects you will get from them but they don't tell you of the side effects of the medication they give you. God didn't place these good trees to hurt you but to cure you and the doctors know that but their main concerns are the money. I will see how the leaves work for me and also the tea.

by: Pat

Maggs, you're right, don't take their Meds. You have the neem leaves, bay leaf, moringa, celery and parsley, potassium, and magnesium, take those and do some walking.

Blood Pressure
by: Bharat Ale

My blood pressure is 140/100 for the past many years. I am not taking any medicine. Now I am taking neem leaves 10/12 raw by chewing and swallowing. I am sure it will cure my BP to normal because bitter things are very good for health.

Neem new to me
by: Anonymously

I am taking coffeehouse for high blood pressure but was recently introduced to neem as im trying hard not to get all that medication and I love bitter melon so far I've taken neem and it reminds me of a bark called Mauby.

High blood pressure and neem
by: Hem lata

I have BP for 2 years now, am on marcadis, my feet swell up with it every day by afternoon. Getting sick of all med, am going to Indian shop and see if I can find Neem Tablets or so, will try this weekend to buy and will post if I do get benefits out of this.
Am looking for some wonder herb so I can reduce the tablets so I can go for a walk and do normal things.

neem leaves tea
by: raving boss

Started consuming neem only a day ago so I'll divulge information regarding the result by Saturday February 18, 2017.

Neem and diastolic hypertension
by: Anonymous

Neem impacts the hypothalamic pituitary axis (HPA), and thus controls blood pressure (mostly diastolic) and high blood sugar. Would be useful in patients with metabolic syndrome (High BP, High Blood Sugar, Deranged Lipid Profile). I recommend taking it after meal, will lower chances of side effects. It will relieve short temperedness, too. Excessive use may lead to fatigue due to low adrenal activity. Avoid in patients with isolated systolic hypertension, can be harmful.
To get best results avoid sweets and fried foods with it, which cause increased HPA activity.
Will also help with bloating.

Drug for people with excessive parasympathetic activity/ kapha/ yin body type. Good for weight loss if metabolism is slow, excess or in lean individuals can be harmful/ dangerous.

side effects
by: Anonymous

My husband has high BP and sugar so he is going to start neem leaves which I hear will help, my BP has always been low but I drank some thinking that it would be fine maybe to aid in well being and the next day I had to stay in bed as my BP dropped to 100/59. Not sure if it was the neem.

Be careful when using neem
by: Herbsman

In regards to Neem and high blood pressure, let me say that Neem when used correctly can be very beneficial for our health, however using neem can also be very bad for high blood pressure as well as other health issues.

What I can say to everyone is that you do not depend on neem to bring down your blood pressure, it might just elevate it before bringing it down, that has happened to me.
Another thing is that, most people still continue to eat the very same poison that gave us high blood pressure to begin with and then expect neem to work miracles, it just does not work that way.

The best way to reduce high blood pressure or get rid of it for good, is to stop eating that which cause your blood pressure to go up.

Things such as:

High fructose corn syrup
Tomato ketchup
White flour, white bread, baked good etc.
No alcohol, try not to be stressed out.
Leave those packet soups, noodle soups as well as those we use to add flavor to our dishes.

If you find that your blood pressure refuses to go down, always make sure you have your blood pressure tablets at hand, as some times you might have to swallow a pill in order to foil the system.

Those who would like to know how to lower your blood pressure naturally, especially when there is a sudden spike. Please email me. Blessings to all.



Combine Bp drugs with Neem Tea NEW
by: Fudjoe D. Alidu

Can i take my Bp drugs alongside with Neem leaves tea?
What will be the effect?

Sexual dysfunction
by: Anonymous

Perusing the comments someone said the Neem berries are very good for sexual dysfunction. Can the writer elaborate how is and can the berries be used for that purpose?

The young pawpaw cut and steam is very good for high blood pressure by using the water and the steam pawpaw.

Blessings 😇🙏🏿

Neem leaf tea NEW
by: Anonymous

I was eating six green, neem leaves daily about three months ago mostly for my gums until I ran out and ordered some Neem Bark Toothpowder. I brushed with that and toothpaste without any bad side effects.
I was recently diagnosed with Cronic Lung Cancer (nothing to do with Neem, everything to do with Agent Orange) and started Chemo. I decided to drink dried leaf Neem tea to help my compromised immune system but didn't think to stop my BP meds.
BIG mistake! I've had low BP all day and am finally coming back to normal this evening. Scary.
I do not recommend taking BP Meds and Neem tea together. It can be very dangerous. Thanks to the info on this site, I figured out why my BP went low. It won't happen again.

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