Neem Tea is Good

by Ramachandran S Iyer

I am using neem leaf extract / neem tea (boil the neem leaf in pure water) and drink it once a day. I think I am comfortable and my cholesterol, sugar levels are under control and I feel I am healthy.

This neem tea is too bitter to drink but I take it as medicine and I don't find it diffcult. I am 57 years old now. I feel brisk throughout the day.

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Tea use results
by: CPCayman

I would like to see more comments on any success with Neem Tea for Diabetes, Hypertension and Cholesterol.

I know of several persons who claim success with this.

Neem Tea Comments
by: Birgit

Well, you could let those people know to come here and share their experiences with us :-).

Neem tea and Diabetes
by: Gloria

I would like some information on how the neem tea can help with regards to Diabetes. And can you also tell me how can neem tea be made.

Neem Tea
by: Harjit Sehmi

I have heard from lots of people that Neem Tea improves diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol as well.

I have started using neem tea, having a cup a day and would let you know in due course the improvement in my diabetes.

Diabetes and Neem

I have been drinking neem tea for about 12 days now and have lowered my Insulin dose by 40% per shot. I am really amazed at the results! I'm also getting to feel some sensations in my feet and arms after using neem tea. I also feel more strengthened in legs. Earlier I used to find it difficult to get up from a squatting position, but not any more. I recommend drinking neem tea for those with Diabetes.

Neem Tea
by: Harjit Sehmi

It is amazing to read that lots of people around the world are indeed benefiting from this product. I haven't found a change in my diabetes yet, nor cholesterol level. But when I do I would certainly let you know. I drink neem tea once a day at night.

Neem tea
by: Birgit

Harjit, try changing your routine and drinking it on an empty stomach in the morning (as is usually recommended), and see if that makes a difference.

Neem and Me

I drink it twice per day; 8 ounces in the morning and 8 at night! I have been a diabetic for over 20 years using insulin. I've started feeling better and my blood sugar levels have dropped by about 40%. I highly recommend all diabetics to use it. I have seen it help a friend completely stop her migraine headache as well. It is truly an amazing herb.

Neem Tea
by: Harjit Sehmi

Hello Birgit,

Thank you for your suggestion to drink neem tea over empty stomach. I would follow up and let you know of any improvements.

Neem tea
by: Harjit Sehmi

I am having neem tea once a day for more than a week. So far I have found no difference in my diabetes, blood pressure or cholesterol. I am going to continue until there is a change in my health. I must thank you all for sharing your progress.

Neem Tea
by: Anonymous

I have just started drinking the neem tea and will let you know how well it works.

Neem Tea
by: Harjit Sehmi

After drinking neem tea for a while now, I have found my blood pressure has improved considerably. It now reads 120/70. This is everyday reading for more than a week. My blood sugar in the morning reads between 7-8mmol. So it's looking good with improvement. Neem tea does help. I will continue reporting my improvements in the future.

Neem Tea
by: Birgit

Thanks for letting us know, Harjit, and glad to hear you are seeing positive results!

Neem Caplets
by: CPCayman

I have been taking Neem Caplets (Systemic Purifier) Herbal Supplement and think they work. Any comments from others?



Neem Tea
by: Harjit Sehmi

Does neem tea build your immune system? Is it an antibiotic as well. Would anyone please shed some light on this topic. It would be good to hear about different benefits of this product.

Neem Tea
by: Harjit Sehmi

Hello Gloria,

Neem tea can be brewed in a cup of tea with hot water. If you have tea leaves,just boil them for a few seconds & it's ready. No milk needed, drink straight. As far as helping one's diabetes is concerned, you will have to monitor yourself over a period of time. See how you feel & if there is a drop in your sugar readings in the morning.

Good luck!

Neem Tea
by: Timrod

I have never tried neem tea in my life but starting tomorrow, I'll try to get a taste for it. Please guide me what's the best recipe for neem tea.

Neem... Amazing
by: Dolly

Hi, I was diagnosed as "border-line" diabetic 3 weeks ago and started having Neem tea on a daily basis. My sugar levels have come down to normal and I feel a lot more energetic. I would highly recommend everyone to start Neem Tea as a daily prayer...with the results that I have achieved, the bitterness is actually tasting sweet now :-)))

Started Neem
by: Sweet Sue

I have been having Neem tea before bed for 5 nights now. I had to add sweet and low. I take about 6-8 oz water and 3-5 fresh leaves bring to boil, let it cool and then drink it. It is not to be enjoyed as it is a medicine. My numbers have dropped; my sugar went from 139 fasting to this morning 118. I forgot to take my Lantus insulin last night and my sugar was still low. I have also reduced my food intake and that too is helping. I'll keep you posted.

by: Josie


I started taking neem a week ago and haven’t seen any changes in high BP. I have had some comments and hope to be taking it twice a day and will be monitoring closely my progress.

Thanks for the encouraging remarks.

Can one take neem tea indifinately?
by: Alex

Can one take neem tea indefinitely? I read somewhere that an overdose can be toxic.

BP & Cholesterol no more!
by: Terri

I have been taking the neem tea for two weeks now - I had problems with high BP and was on cholesterol pills for a year now. Well I AM SO HAPPY TO SAY! My BP numbers have been for the last week 119/76 and I am OFF cholesterol pills..... My GOOD cholesterol is high and bad is lower so no need for pills. My doctor says continue to do what I have been doing my numbers look good. I drink the tea on empty stomach everyday (8oz) but I started drinking it morning and night and now switched to only mornings. I will be checked in a month on cholesterol #'s- But I feel GREAT! I am Neem Believer!

My husband
by: Anonymous

My husband took the neem tea for about a week and his heart started raising fast . Is the tea good for heart problems

Neem Tea
by: Anonymous

Does neem tea really work? Does it bring down your sugar level?For how long can you drink this tea?Helpful and honest answer will be really helpful to me.thank you.

neem and toxins
by: Anonymous

I have been drinking neem tea now for around a year,
In Africa we call it Marrowbieni, not sure on spelling, any way it means it has 40 medicinal uses.
I have had some problems with stomach pains twice in thisperiod and read that some times your appendix can get overloaded with toxins , as this is the function of your appendix ,according to some experts,
I also thought I maybe making it too strong so have reduced amount of leaves used, I have to say I feel generally better for taking neem and dont get so many coughs and colds as before ,
After recent ultrasound on liver some fatty deposits were seen and ldl levels were border line, this suprised me as I have also paid attention to diet + neem, could it be neem is trying to rid the system of fats toxins etc and there is a build up !! any way hope to monitor again in 6 months or so hopefully with better results

neem seems to be working
by: Carlos Canas

I have been using the been tea for about three weeks. Two weeks ago I had my cholesterol checked 233 two weeks later today 213. I don't know if this is why but I am going to continue using. I bought two more trees . I already had bought two trees but now with these results I am going to pray to God that I continue to reduce my level.

Neem Tea Benefit
by: Anonymous

I've been drinking neem tea almost everyday for the past couple of months and my blood sugar level and pressure has normal. I will continue to drink neem. I also have a nerve problem in my left foot with one of my toes and that also has been feeling much better since. Sometimes I cannot wear close up shoes for too long. Thank God for the neem tea.

neem tea result
by: Anonymous PM

I think neem is very high proformance values, For me i dont use it for hp or for diabetes, However my girlfriend had problem getting pregnant, So i give her the tea and within two to three month she got pregnant,Could the neem produce such result?If there is any one with that knowledge please send ypur feedback, I‘m awaiting your respond

Neem and Concoction for Diabetes
by: Anonymous

If you are a diabetic or one who suffers from Yest Infection? I strongly recommend that you purchase the Neem Ultimate Nody Detox from Silent Prayer Herbal Center in the Island of Jamaica.

This Neem formual really works, in fact it has helped a number of people on the Island of Jamaica to get off Metformin.

I strongly recommend that you make the sacriffice, and get your supply, not only does it help with DIABETES AND YEAST INFECTION, it also helps in losing extra body fat as well as lowers bad cholesterol.

scalp skin problem
by: Anonymous

I had itchy and dry skin scabs on my scalp. Picked several about 6 small branches of Neem, boiled it well in about 3 cups of fresh water, let it stand to cool completely and put it in a bottle with spray. I'd drink a shot am. And sprayed my hair and skalp with light frotation and in 3 nights it has totally gone. However I've continued treatment to cure completely taking, the am shot daily, too. I'm putting it on my hand as I seem to have slight fungus in the center of my palm and it's also relieved. Will continue treatment and advise.
I'll continue to take v bitter shot og neem early am, too. I'm certain with careful eating it will reduce slight excess fat on my belly. I suffer heart problem which has NOT been affected by neem at all. It's obviously an astringent and also makes hair shiny! Highly recommendable.

Taking Neem tea has any effect on my RA?
by: Anonymous

I've heard a lot about the benefits of of Neem tea and how effective it is. I am planning to start using it but I would like to know if this tea has any effect on RA.

by: Uday

I have been enjoying excellent overall results from a mixture of powders of giloy/tinospor, neem leaf powder and pippali/pepper longum. I mix 3 ingredients in equal proportions on weight basis and consume half to one teaspoon in morning and evening. I got benefits in sugar control without any allopathic medicine, cholesterol control, arthritis & muscular pains. Can walk 10 km in around 90 min without getting exhausted. Walking is 6 days week.
My claims are genuine.

Type 1 diabetic in New Zealand
by: Charmaine

I am a type 1 diabetic 22 years. I have been taking Neem Tea tablets (leaf crushed into a capsule). It took me about 8 weeks to realise why my sugar levels kept dropping all the time. I had to keep reducing my day time insulin until I ended up no longer taking humalog and just took my background lantus.
At the same time I lost a lot of weight I guess due to reducing my insulin (fat increasing hormone).
I also noticed that I would not get colds or flus like everyone else around me.
I did notice that if I got a yeast infection it would exhaserbate it but then it cleared completely.
My skin was nice and clear which was great too as I have always suffered from acne for many years.
What I would say is that I noticed I was getting a lot of cramps in the legs, so I'm not sure if being a blood purifier it stripped salt out of my system or what, but if anyone else can explain this side effect I would be grateful.

Just started taking Neem for stomach gurgling and headache
by: Paul@PNG

I am taking neem for headache and stomach gurgling. Will update as I progress.


I have switched to using the capsules as well! After 5 years of using Neem, I have had awesome results with my diabetes! I have been a type 1 diabetic for about 30 years. I have lowered my insulin use by around 70%. I take three capsules a day for one month then I take a month off. Then again, 3 per day for one month then a month off. Side effects that I have heard of can be your problems with your eyesight, however, I have had no side effects whatsoever. Cholesterol is right at 200 and holding steady for last 3 years!

neem use
by: Susy Dyson Gibson

To prepare neem tea I boil water, put in two branches of my own home grown neem tree and then let sit in there untol cold. I then bottle it in glass as it won't spoil! And even in a plastic spray bottle to use to spray plants if with bugs or as maintenance once a month. Bugs don't like neem! Even the dry stems or leaves protect clothes and sweaters which MUST be kept clean! And I put the boiled leaves out in the earth or In the garbage to control smells. I use it as astringent on my skin everyday and don't rinse it off, then use coconut oil as my only moisturizer! Am and pm. I also drink a cup full daily and never get sick! I do eat well, meditate and exercise daily. As a rinse for hair it's ideal, too! For mosquito bites or to prevent them on skin and to stop skin itching or dryness! It's a marvelous plant.

Skin problems
by: Anonymous

I have started taking neem caplets for 10 days and feeling better, I will report further improvement.

Insulin resistance and weight gain
by: Anonymous

Me and my 13 year old son are experiencing weight gain despite healthy eating and workout.
I recently learned that insulin resistance is the culprit.
Can neem leaves tea help us solve the problem? How much and what time should we take it?

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