Neem tree as insect repellent

May I know if planting a neem tree in itself acts as an insect repellant to its surroundings? I would like to know if it is enough to plant the neem tree without having to make oil or whatsoever. Thank you.

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Neem tree as insect repellent
by: Birgit

The neem tee first and foremost keeps itself insect free. It only has limited effect on the surroundings. But a big tree, planted in a small yard, will make a difference to the overall number of insects present.

It depends on what you want to achieve.

One tree in the vegetable garden will make little difference to your crops getting eaten.

If you live in a tropical area and want to repel mosquitoes, then one small tree in the garden will not prevent bites. A big tree in front of the door will reduce the number of mosquitoes entering the house.

Planting a neem tree can help, but don't expect miracles.

How to prepare neem biopesticide?
by: che manzano

I am looking for an environment-friendly way of reducing mosquito population around a sports complex especially outdoors near the swimming pools.

Neem plant parts are insect repellents. But how do I prepare the mixture? How often do we need to spray? Help. Thanks in advance

by: Edwin

Mix 10 ml of Neemoil with 10 ml of emulsifier and add on liter of water. This will be a good spray to get rid off insects.

A link to "neem spray" is in the navbar
by: Birgit

Hi Che,

There is a whole page that explains this.
Please see making neem insect spray/garden spray

Neem tree as a Mosquito Repellent
by: moreno

You can use neem as a mosquito repellent if you mix neem tree oil and orange juice extract and spray it. It is very effective. I experienced making that weeks ago when I made my Investigatory Project.

Prevention for Mosquito Bites
by: tsuki gwapo

Burning neem tree leaves can eliminate Mosquitoes. The smoke of the burned neem tree leaves can take away mosquitoes.

Mosqito Killer Stick
by: Jessa Eiram Cardo

I know that neem tree is a insect repellent so when I am looking for my research problem, I prefer on how to make mosquito killer. It is effective.. the "Neem Tree Leaves as MOSQUITO KILLER".

Neem oil and Garlic
by: Daphnie Moreno

Neem oil and extracted juice from garlic are used as an effective mosquito repellent. I mixed-up the garlic juice and neem oil then placed in a spay bottle. Garlic is known for its active chemical called as allicin which has organosulfur compound.And Neem oil that is proven used as mosquito repellent. Both neem and garlic are toxic and believed to repel mosquitoes. I used these plants in my investigatory project. But from my last investigatory project, I used Neem oil and orange juice but now I'm trying to expound experiments regarding mosquito repellent. So, I hope this will help yah:)

Neem and Leaves Hagonoy (Chromolaena odorata) as insect repellant
by: Daphnie Moreno

Useful for home-made insecticide:
We used Azadirachta indica commonly known as “Neem Tree” and Chromolaena odorata commonly known as “Hagonoy” for making an insect repellant. Fresh Neem leaves and leaves of Hagonoy were collected, washed, air dried and squeezed in cheese cloth for crude extracts. Evaluation of the insecticidal potencial of Azadirachta indica and Chromolaena odorata was done by feeding mango seed to the houseflies. The length of time, the houseflies died was observed, noted and recorded. Through our research, It has been concluded that “Neem leaves” (Azadirachta indica) and “Hagonoy” (Chromolaena odorata) has a potential of cheap, economic and environment-friendly insecticide. These leaves were proven effective for making an insecticide, this was my third research about neem leaves with different combinations of another plant. i included this to my investigatory project. :)

Which is more effective? Garlic juice or orange juice
by: Anonymous

Daphnie, if u don't mind me calling you that, which is more effective when mixed with neem oil? Garlic juice or orange juice?

Garlic Vs. Orange extract with Neem against mosquitoes
by: Daphnie Moreno

Garlic and Orange extracts are both effective. However, If I were to choose, I would more likely combine Garlic extract with Neem leaves than orange extract. Garlic has an active organosulfur compound from its main chemical called allicin which is proven effective in killing mosquitoes based on my researches. On the other hand, orange extract has limonene which is tarpene that is proven to kill insects such as mosquitoes. It also adds good citrus fragrance that is pleasing to combine with other organic chemicals. But the only thing I want to say about the "disadvantage" of garlic is that it very hard to get its extract specially if you would only use mortar and pestle in getting their extracts. Using a blender would be an ideal way of getting its extract however you need plenty of it just to get a minimal amount that can be mixed with neem. And also garlic's surprising odour sticks to the skin for a long time. Again, they are both effective. The only difference are in such ways of getting their extracts (orange is easier than garlic for me) and their amazing odours (orange has great fragrance while garlic has surprising nasty odour). It's up to you what you would prefer. If you need help regarding your research or something just be free to ask me. I hope this helps.:)

soil erosion control
by: Samson Osiro

How can neem tree be used to control soil erosion?

A tree that provides us an insect repellent
by: Scove Joseph Covell

What is a tree that provides us an insect repellent?

Tree that provides insect repellant
by: Daphnie Moreno

Neem Tree. Is mainly found around tropical and sub-tropical countries.

How to make it?
by: Crazy MOFOS

I'm using this as an investigatory project me and my friend are making. So please comment on how to make it.

Extracting Neem
by: Daphnie Moreno

Hi Mofos,
I can't comment the whole method of extracting the Neem Leaves. You may scroll up the old comments above regarding the extraction of the Neem oil.

What is the application?
by: Crazy MOFOS

Sorry, I am in a hurry, please comment.

Environmental friendly

Which one is more environmental friendly - Neem oil with orange juice or Neem oil with garlic extract?

mixture of garlic, orange, and neem leaves extract as an alternative mosquito repellent
by: Anonymous

To Ms.Daphnie Moreno,
Is it possible to mix the garlic, orange, and leaves extracts to become more effective mosquito repellent? Thanks.

Certified Organic
by: Anonymous

Enviro's Parker Neem Tonic Organic Insecticide is proven effective against almost all insect and Enviro's Ultra Action Organic Fertilizer for Soil Application helps improve microorganism activities in the soil and ensures healthier and strong growth of plants.

Neem Oil As Insecticide
by: Jim

I have used a Neem Oil solution in the garden as long as I can remember. Excellent insecticide; and absolutely safe. I also make Neem Oil shampoo with liquid castile unscented soap (baby soap), Neem Oil, and some orange oil to cut the Neem smell. My grand kids have never ever picked up head lice; and we all know kids + school often = head lice. Jim

Neem oil and Garlic
by: AnonymousBlonde

If nothing else, the neem oil & garlic mixture is **100%** more effective repelling other human beings... hahahahaha Just sayin.

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