Neem while on medication for blood clots

by Yolanda
(St.Thomas,Virgin Islands)

I would like to know, if someone had a heart valve replacement (mechanical valve) and is on medication for blood clots not to occur, can one consume this Neem as a tea to drink?

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This is a question for your doctor
by: Birgit

Hi Yolanda,

A web forum or unknown website is not the place to look for such advice. Please be careful when getting information from the internet.

This is a very specific medical question and only the doctor treating the person on the blood clotting medication can advise on this. The doctor knows the history of the patient and knows exactly what mediation the person is on, how much of it, and how it may interfere with other substances.

If you do ask your doctor about it (or the person you are talking about), do mention that Neem contains Aspirin like substances.

Aspirin is also used as a blood clotting preventative. You need to be careful if you want to take neem internally while already being on a blood clotting medication. You have no way of knowing how these substances may interact when combined.

So please talk to your doctor about this.

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