Positive Results With Neem Products For Scabies, Acne and Asthma

by Honeykiss

I first found out about neem after suffering from scabies due to working in a healthcare facility where there was an outbreak. I searched the internet for a natural cure because I was fearful of the side effects that traditional medication caused and I had no medical insurance.

It was advised that I use neem oil with lavender or tea tree oil and it worked. It took a little longer than what I liked, but it got rid of them.

I'm 35 years old and have always had clear skin until I started wearing foundation last year and it caused me to have really bad acne breakout all over my face. I also have a teenage daughter who was suffering from acne breakout due to puberty.

We used neem soap and neem oil, (the oil smells awful, so it's best to use it at night.) I have also used the soap alone when I've had minor outbreaks and it works as well.

I also took a Neem capsule in 2008 while having an asthma flareup, (which was frequent) and haven't had any problems ever since. My symptoms disappeared within 20 minutes after taking the capsule. I couldn't believe it!!

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Neem for scabies, acne and asthma
by: Birgit

Yes, sometimes it does all seem a bit too good to be true, doesn't it? Scabies, acne and asthma, that's quite a success record.

I haven't heard of such an impressive result with asthma before. But knowing the effects of certain neem leaf on components on our immune and inflammatory system it makes sense that it can help.

Neem oil for acne
by: organicneem.com

I have been working for 5 years with the leading neem based product manufacturing company in India; http://www.organicneem.com

Currently I live in Australia. As per my experience with neem products, I cam assure you that neem oil works perfectly against acne. No need to depend on chemical remedies.

When I was working with this company, we sold about 80% neem oil for Agricultural applications and 20% for skin care and soap manufacturing company.

I find a variety of neem oils with various brands, but you should only use pure and good quality neem oil.

Fresh neem paste cures acne
by: Ganith

I suffered from severe acne problem for last few months and after reading the uses of neem I started using fresh neem paste daily. I keep it on face for at least 15 minutes and then wash it off. Within a week I found my skin getting clearer with reduced acne.

It's a miracle! And seeing this I am happy now and am continuing to use neem paste daily before bathing.

Neem Leaf Oil is Amazing for Scabies!
by: Anonymous

I caught scabies, but thought it was poison ivy and was therefore using the wrong creams. When the bites spread I went to the doctor and he said it was not poison ivy, but body mites. I put on the pesticide cream for two days in a row, but it made me have a racing heart all night and deep bone chills in my arms. I also felt sick and weak and didn't want to have to use this poison again on the seventh day as prescribed. After taking the cream off, my bites itched so wildly I could hardly stand it.

I searched the Internet for a natural solution and discovered Neem Leaf Oil. I bought the oil from a local health food store clerk who testified that it cured her friend from scabies. The first day I mixed the Neem oil in my liquid soap and added it to my bath water. After my bath, I mixed more Need into Aveeno scent-free lotion and put the Neem lotion all over my body. It immediately stopped the itching and skin irritation that was caused by the pesticide cream! The red bites also dimmed down to a lighter pink.

Each day after that, I mixed the Need in my shower soap, shampoo, and body lotion and have been repeating this process for about 4 or 5 days now and the bites are going away. Before the mites, I had dry, flaky skin, but that has healed also. The way my hair feels from using Need is incredible!

After what I've been through, it makes me angry that doctors are not telling their scabies patients about Neem Leaf Oil because it's not a big pharma product. Instead, they had me lathering up to the neck in pesticides that made my rash worse. They should be prescribing what's best for the patient.

how did you mix the neem oil with the other oils?
by: Sybille

I hope you are reading this, as I think you are able to assist me.

When you used neem oil mixed with tea tree or lavender oil, what quantities did you use (like 1 part neem oil to ?? parts of the other oil (s). Also how often per day did you apply it?

I would love to hear from you, as I am suffering quite badly.

To Sybille
by: Anonymous

I mixed 2 droppers of Neem Leaf Extract into a palm size blob of Aveeno fragrance free lotion and applied it 3 times a day over all my skin after getting 3 showers a day. I also mixed a dropper full into my shampoo. (My infestation was bad and I was re-infested because we did not turn our water temperature beyond 110 degrees and had to start all over again. Wash clothes and bedding in very hot water on long cycle and use borax with your detergent.)

If your infestation is not bad, you may not have to have 3 showers and 3 applications. Then, I applied tea tree oil with a Q-tip directly over any new lesions and went out as far as a 1 inch radius from the lesion. (First spot check tea tree to make sure your skin can handle it.) What the tea tree oil did was amazing. It actually killed the mites and eggs and forced the lesion to heal over very fast.

Be careful if you have asthma. Tea tree oil is strong-smelling. After about 2 weeks of showers, applications, and hot washing the infestation was gone.

Thank you
by: Sybille

Just a "thank you" for your quick reply.

My real problem was that I thought I "just" had an allergy, and when I showed it to my doctor he simply said "stress". So I kept on putting cream on it and popping anti-histamines (neither helped of course). When I finally went to a dermatologist, the infestation had spread all over my body - hopefully I'll get it under control with neem and tea tree oil, as well as hot washing of the bedding and clothes I wear.

by: Anonymous

When you feel them crawling on your face or body, see if you can vacuum them up with the brush extension. I read this worked for one woman.

Also, I wonder if a lint brush will scoop some of them up in between your Neem and Tea Tree Oil treatments.

how do you make neem leaf oil?
by: Anonymous

I have neem leaf powder and would like to make it into a lotion or oil for external use.

Neem cured my asthma
by: Jemima

Since the age of 19 (I'm 48 now) I have always suffered with asthma going through 4 inhalers every month. Since I started with 3 drops of pure neem oil in milk taken daily in the morning I have not needed to use an inhaler. For the first few days I coughed up a lot of phlegm, I increased my daily dose gradually to 8 drops and now have a clear chest, no wheezing or coughing at all. I am totally amazed!!

How to cure asthma by neem oil
by: Lasya

Hi Jemima, you have written that neem oil cured your asthma but where did you get it? Did you buy it or did you make it at home? Please help me by replying me, I am really suffering from it and I will be very thankful to you for helping me to cure asthma.

Asthma reduction
by: Anonymous

Can you please tell me where can I get pure neem oil. I hope you guys read it and reply me soon as I am suffering a lot from asthma.

Reply to anonymous
by: Jemmima

Hi, I am based in the UK and bought my 100% natural neem oil from a company on eBay, there are lots of sellers on there. I have to warn you to start with only 1 drop in warm milk or water and build up slowly to no more than 8 drops as when I tried more than this I felt quite ill and had diarrhea and sickness. Good luck, I hope it helps your asthma as it did with mine.

Asthama problem
by: Anonymous

Should we maintain any food diet while using neem oil? Please reply me fast.

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