Problems while growing a neem tree

by Jeevan
(Phoenix, AZ)

I had purchased two neem trees in January. Unfortunately I could not plant the tree immediately after receiving it since I did not get the right pot size. I planted it in about a week in a 32" pot.

The leaves were slightly wilting when I planted. It has lost all its leaves now and the stem of one of the tree is all brown. One of the branches in the other neem tree has a little green stem at its tip though. I have used fish emulsion to fertilize it twice so far.

Could you let me know how do I identify that the tree is dead? Or could you please advise on how to revive it.

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by: Birgit

Hi Jeevan,

How were the trees sold? In pots or bare rooted?
And how were they kept before you planted them?
What soil did you use, how much water did they get, and when did the problems start?
Are they kept indoors or outside? If outside, what are the temperatures?

Fertilizing does not help in such a situation. Fertilizer only benefits an actively growing plant. Fertilizing a dying plant can make things worse. (It depends on the fertilizer. A very dilute fish emulsion solution will not hurt, but it won't help either.)

I'm sorry, but from what you describe there is little you can do now. Make sure the trees can breathe (are not waterlogged in soggy soil) and don't totally dry out, and wait. Either they start growing again, or they won't.

Not knowing more (see questions in first paragraph) I can't say what caused the problem, but if you add some more detail we may be able to track down the problem.

General neem growing information:

what can you use in place of fish emulsion
by: elva and dave

We have had our trees now for ten months. We received our trese in April and we got them from a neem farm in Florida, and have been enjoying them grow. The leaves are pretty and green and the trunk of the tree is getting thick. A wonderful tree that the Heavenly Father for them. We have them in 5 gallon buckets, we have a total of four starter trees, that were individual packing, one I was not sure but it is growing better than the others. We would like to know if we can not get the fish emulsion what can you use? I have a remedy book for lawns and tree, that uses things as beer, tea, coffee grounds. Please let us know because we do not want to kill the trees. we are in Texas. Thank You

Neem leaves browning
by: Anonymous

My neem tree is 15 years old and was well established. I had never seen a lush green vibrant tree like this. But suddenly since last 6 months its leaves are turning brown and falling off. Half of its leaves are gone. What should I do to salvage it?

Neem tree problem
by: Smita

Hi my neem tree is few years old but now the leaves have sticky substance and that substance is alstroemerias shiny. What is it?

drying 100-150 year old neem tree
by: Anonymous

Drying 100-150 year old Neem tree. What is the reason for drying old neem tree?

Neem tree leaves yellowing veins green
by: sheldon

My 6 year old neem tree in South Florida has yellowing leaves but the veins are good green?? I read that the tree needs fertilizer, watering normal this winter and temperature ok. Thanks.

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