Recipe For Neem Tea

by Karlene Evanson-Cossey
(Barbados, W.I.)

Can you please tell me what is the recipe for making neem tea and how often can one drink it? I read that drinking neem tea is good for the immune system. I also read it is good for controlling blood pressure and blood sugar.

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Neem tea
by: Birgit

Hi Karlene,

There is no specific recipe for making neem tea, and it very much depends what you want to use the tea for.

Generally you make it the same way you make any other herbal tea.

You can use dried or fresh neem leaves. Use the same amount as you would for any other cup of tea, say a good teaspoon dried neem leaf per tea cup, or three to five fresh leaves. Pour hot water over it and let it brew.

For some applications it is suggested to boil the leaves for some time. For example one recipe for treating malaria says to boil the leaves for 20 minutes, at a rate of 10g per litre of water and to drink three glasses per day. That is a very strong dose.

(Note: I do NOT suggest anybody try to treat prevent or treat malaria with neem!! Malaria is a potentially life threatening condition. Someone with suspected malaria needs to see a doctor immediately. I just use this as an example of a very strong dose.)

Also, there are conditions where a weaker dose of neem is more effective than a stronger dose.

In India neem tea would be prescribed in different strengths and different amounts on a case by case basis.

You can make weaker tea for drinking, stronger tea if you want to add it to the bath water, rinse your hair, soak you feet etc.

Have you tried neem tea before? It is extremely bitter! You may find that drinking it once is enough...

As for how often you can drink it... Well, there are no hard and fast figures available. Nobody has done studies on how much is safe. (Except, we know you should not drink it while pregnant or trying to become pregnant!)

The way neem has been used in India traditionally would indicate that daily consumption of neem leaves, be it as tea or by swallowing leaves or capsules, is perfectly safe. Still, there is no science to back this up!

Ayurvedic medicine never uses just neem leaves alone. All Ayurvedic remedies are a mixture of several herbs, and the herbs work together and complement and balance each other.

I'd say, let common sense be your guide. Start very carefully, with only a little, and see how you react.

Neem is a very powerful herb. It's not something you drink like say chamomile tea, or something like a vitamin pill, that you take "just in case" on a daily basis.

If you are not pregnant or trying to conceive, and are otherwise healthy, it should be safe to drink mild neem tea on a regular basis. (But then it shouldn't be required...)

If you are dealing with a persistent condition that you want to treat with neem I would recommend you find an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner to guide you.

More information:

neem leaves
by: Gopal

I would like to know more uses of neem tree and its uses.
Gopal M.

Extremely bitter is right
by: Anonymous

I tried adding a teaspoon of organic neem leaf powder to a cup of coffee, and it was by far the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted. I couldn't put in enough sugar to cover up the taste, and it almost made me vomit. I drank about 2/3 of the cup and couldn't take it anymore. I am going to look for an easier way to get it down.

Coffee and Tea
by: Anonymous

Is that how you drink your chamomile or other herbal tea too; spoon it into your coffee?

Thanks :)
by: Anonymous

HAHA! Hilarious! Thanks for the detailed answer. I'm going to be making some neem leaf tea soon to combat some immune system issues I'm having.

Hope it helps me!

Neem Tea Bitterness
by: Anonymous

With neem leaves, I added ginger, mint leaves and lime/lemon to twist the taste a bit. It is still bitter but manageable.

Neem Tincture & Diabetes
by: Kenyan Boy

Indian neem tincture will lower your blood sugar levels faster and more effectively than Glucophage and amaryl.

Neem Powder
by: Anonymous

How do I use powder neem dried leaves and powder neem seeds?


by: Anonymous

Took a Jigger Shot in the morning. It was so bitter that it ruined my morning coffee and everything else I ate for the rest of the day.

Neem Tea
by: Anonymous

For me dealing with some immune related problem, there is nothing wrong drinking a bitter neem tea since I wanted to boost my system to cure the disease. It is better to do some sacrifice by consuming bitter neem tea along with it's disgusting smell and taste. But it really helps.

It Really Helps!
by: Anonymous

Drinking neem tea really helps. The taste is very bad but nothing to worry about. Drink a lot of water after as it really helps!

Neem for Heartburn
by: frosenz

Neem tea is a wonderful remedy for heartburn and gastritis. I used to take a daily Nexium pill for about ten years with neem tea. I just forgot about Nexium, heartburn and any stomach relief. It's just wonderful.

Neem and Kidneys
by: Anonymous

Neem will lower your blood sugar levels but will affect your kidneys negatively. It reduces kidney function.

by: king naldo

The taste is beyond awful but I’ve had problems with my vocal cords for years now so am hoping this will do the trick.

Neem and Diabetes
by: Anonymous

I have been drinking this tea for a while now. Yeah it taste bitter, but it does help with my diabetes. I drink it straight, no sweeteners nothing, just straight.

by: Allana

Neem has been wonderful for my health. I use the fresh leaves by taking them off the stem, washing and then freezing the leaves in a Ziploc bag. I put a few leaves in water and boil. After I save the same leaves and boil the next day and the next until they're finished. I don't taste my neem because I hold my breath and pass the tip of my tongue. I then move away from the area B4 I take a breath. I get a lot of neem down that way because the taste is awful. Bitter melon is also good 4 diabetics as well. I take no insulin because neem and bitter melon handle it naturally.

NEEM for Diabetes
by: Anonymous

For those of you taking only Neem for controlling diabetes, I would like to know what your HBa1C levels are like - Please share.

You may also want to check Kidney function regularly as neem closes down your kidneys!!

Neem Does Work on Skin and Hair
by: Anonymous

Neem pills are very effective to prevent hair loss and are good for the skin however I wonder if it affects a person with stones in the kidney.

by: Lews

Here we have a genuinely positive discussion about the wonders of Neem. All of a sudden 'It shuts down your kidneys' says 'ANONYMOUS'. Just out of common decency or respect, for a controversial statement such as this you should say who you are and bring firth evidence otherwise you appear to be throwing a spanner in the works and appear very suspicious. FDA may be?

Neem - Kidneys - Problems
by: Anonymous

I have seen the problems with Neem affecting my kidneys - have stopped taking Neem - But here is some more write up on it

Neem appears to be safe for most adults, when taken by mouth for a short period of time. When neem is taken in large doses or for long periods of time, it might be UNSAFE. It might harm the kidneys and liver.

Special Precautions & Warnings:
Children: Neem is UNSAFE for children. Serious side effects in infants and small children can happen within hours after taking neem oil. These serious side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness, blood disorders, seizures, loss of consciousness, coma, brain disorders, and death.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Neem oil and neem bark are UNSAFE to use during pregnancy. They can cause a miscarriage.

“Auto-immune diseases” such as multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), or other conditions: Neem might cause the immune system to become more active, and this could increase the symptoms of auto-immune diseases. If you have one of these conditions, it’s best to avoid using neem.

Diabetes: There is some evidence that neem can lower blood sugar levels and might cause blood sugar to go too low. If you have diabetes and use neem, monitor your blood sugar carefully. It might be necessary to change the dose of your diabetes medication.

Reduced ability to have children (infertility): There is some evidence that neem can harm sperm. It might also reduce fertility in other ways. If you are trying to have children, avoid using neem.

Organ transplant: There is a concern that neem might decrease the effectiveness of medications that are used to prevent organ rejection. Do not use neem if you have had an organ transplant.

Surgery: Because neem might lower blood sugar levels, there is a concern that it might interfere with blood sugar control during and after surgery. Stop using neem at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.

by: Kgould

I don't trust webMD. They come off as the only way to cure illnesses is with big pharma medicine. It's like they are owned by the FDA which in my opinion is all about the money.

web MD on neem
by: Birgit

In my opinion they are correct with most of what they say. Much of what they describe is correct for any substance that supports the immune system. Of course people with auto immune diseases or organ transplants should not take immune stimulating substances, duh! But for everybody else suporting the immune system is a great thing to do.
Nobody should take neem oil internally in my opinion.
And any herbs must be used with great caution or not at all while pregnant. What else is new?

What riles me is the way it is worded and presented, neelessly scaring people who don't understand what exactly is being said.

neem powder and oil
by: Anonymous

I just adopted neem oil and powder to help aid rid of a scabie infection. I have used the oil on my children mixed with coconut oil. And my children had no reaction other than healing. I don't know if the same applies to all, but neem has had no effect on me or my children. Well, I have to get back to my trial of drinking the tea. Just had my first cup ever. I mixed it with some honey and country time lemonade drink mix...Not the best taste. But it reminds me of regular tea.

by: Anonymous

Can I make neem tea with NEEM LEAF POWDER. I have no access to neem leaves....fresh or dried. Want to make as a spray for my cat to repell fleas! Thank you in advance for your help.

Recipe For Neem Tea
by: Anonymous

Question, how long does it take to get an answer to a question I posted 4/23/15 re: neem leaf powder for making neem tea?
I really would like to get an answer to my question ASAP...Thanks All

easier way to take neem
by: Inner Silence

I completed a 21 week yoga training at Isha center and everyday we took neem in the morning with tumeric. We made both tumeric and neem balls by mixing the powder with water and making small marble size balls. Drinking with warm honey water on empty stomach is how we did.

According to the Yogi (Sadhguru) this is extremely beneficial and safe. Also recommended not for pregnancy like mentioned here. If you Google Isha Neem, there is info. Would have posted link but says not to.

neem and a chest infection and flu
by: Anonymous

I have only just dicovered neem by my gardener. I have had a bad flu which left me with chest infection and constant coughing. I am on antibiotics but my gardener saw me looking rough and coughing. He brought some neem leaves and told me how to prepare it so I am trying it out. He said I must start with a little bit first to see how I get on. It is bitter but I was surprised at the amount of benefits these neem leaves have.
I would like my mother to start as she has just had a minor stroke that has affected her feet, left her feet feeling numb due to bad circulation. Neem is also benfecial for poor circulation. My daughter suffers from thrush very often so I am about to tell her about this herb that might help her as it is an antifungal as well and so many other benefits. So glad I have been informed of such a miracle herb.

Bitter or not bitter....that's the taste!!
by: Anonymous

I started make tea from neem tree due to the high blood sugar in my system. Yes, it is bitter but not so bad as some of you guys describe it. I drink it just in one gulp... If you sip it slowly you give your taste buds the time to react at it. Just drinkt in once. I make a gallon at the time and let cool down and put in the refrigerator. One cup in the morning and one at night. This tea works!! My blood sugar is down and I'm very thankful to my friend that introduced it to me. Also I take once a day pacific coast mahogany seeds, if you think that neem is bitter try one of this seed, it makes neem look like honey. Another tea infusion that was introduced to me is Pata de Vaca. Amazing results!!

Neem in many forms
by: Dee Sund

I took Neem oil for quite some time, but after developing cancer, Multiple Myeloma, I moved to Panama to be able to use alternative treatment that was outlawed by the FDA. I hadn't found it, but I just found it is available. I started using it years ago after consulting with an alternative doctor in Minneapolis. He is from Israel and went to medical school in Moscow. He is a licensed MD who teaches medicine worldwide. He started taking Neem oil as a child. He is presently more than 50 and enjoys very good health. He teaches in third world countries that have life threatening diseases on a regular basis. His kidneys are fine and he doesn't even know what a cold or a headache feels like. He said he would never go a day without it. Why is there always negative posts about a good and safe medicine? The 5 year survival rate, according to the statistic charts, for my cancer is zero. I have had it for 6 years and I'm doing well at 82 years of age.

Quick and easy
by: Anonymous

Aactually it's not that quick and easy but what I do is combine neem powder with coconut oil and roll it into a ball or a spoonful and swallow it. Then I drink hot water to make sure that it travels into the digestive system.

Neem Tea
by: Anonymous

I was on a tour in Mexico when I found out about the tea helping diabetics. I bought several boxes and a bag of leaves to boil. I drink the tea twice a day. After a week I noticed I no longer had to take pills for blood pressure and quit the oral diabetes drug. I still have to take some insulin if I eat many carbs. The tea is nasty but I use some fruit drink and water mix to dilute the tea. I also stopped taking pain pills for arthritis. I go for blood work in a couple weeks and will check kidney functions.

Cure your health problem and love life!
by: Anonymous

Today Britain has the world record of cancer sufferers. What an accolade to have, eh? It should in fact have the record for the healthiest country. But tragically it has an NHS which feeds on misery. Oh how they make the ill suffer.

With the knowledge of NEEM and all the other wonderful herbs, people could get themselves well and keep themselves well.

I know what suffering is and I would not wish it on anyone.
My cancer was "missed" by ten doctors across three counties, over a great many years, even after my vital organs were affected...

Excruciating suffering which never left me, led me into the field of natural medication...

Proof of the pudding
by: Sidney

I started taking neem capsules from the time we started our "The Neem People" business 16 years ago. I am very fit, go to the gym 5 days a week, hardly have ailments and feel 65. People do not believe I am 84 this year.
I have not heard of any contra-indications.

neem tea
by: Stacey

Neem leaf mix with sugar.

Neem oil for tea
by: Anonymous

Has anyone ever used neem oil instead of the leaves for making tea?

Please note that this website does not recommend ingesting (ie eating or drinking) neem oil.

Liver Issues
by: Anonymous

I spoke to a herbal doctor and he told me to stop drinking neem tea because it affects the liver. His explanation to me was that boiling brings out the oil and that is what affects the liver. I am confused and worried because I have been drinking it for approximately a month now and my genital wart disappeared miraculously and my hair stopped falling out.

Neem oil, also referred to as neem seed oil, is pressed from crushed neem kernels. Neem leaves do not contain what we usually refer to as neem oil. If you are having good results with the tea, please do not let this herbal doctor spook you with misleading information.

Drinking neem oil tea
by: T.Acey

I made tea from neem oil and drank it for about seven years. People commented about my radiant skin, and my overall good looks.
Thus I kept drinking the tea.
I originally started drinking neem tea from oil, because I had swollen glands in my neck. And neem oil made the swollen glands go away. After a few months I stopped using the tea and the swollen glands returned. So I kept on drinking the tea for seven years, when I stopped swollen glands return once again. Dr. diagnosed me with
Hodgkinson lymphoma. Had radiation and chemo and have been cancer free for over 10 years.

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