Spoiled Neem Oil?

by Mary
(Kansas City)

I have had a tiny jar of neem oil for over a year and I recently opened it to find round balls growing all over the sides of the jar and the lid! Could I have contaminated the neem the last time I used it? The last time I used it was for a yeast infection, but I don't think I "double-dipped" or anything...What could this be? They didn't melt on my fingers like cold neem does.

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Old Neem Oil
by: Birgit

Hi Mary,

It does sound like a yeast or a fungus growing on your neem oil. You would not need to dip anything in to infect a liquid with yeast or fungus spores. Those can come in through the air.

Your neem oil is probably too old to be effective anyway. Neem oil keeps for about a year if kept cool and dark.

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