Success with neem oil on caterpillars, ants and aphids

by Rachel Meyer
(Fremantle WA)

I am currently testing neem oil on caterpillars, they die immediately. I also use it on ants indoors with some luck.

I have had luck with aphids as well on the roses. I just spray and they drop off.

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Neem Oil
by: Anonymous

Dear Mr. Rachael,

Neem base pesticide is almost effective on more than 200 type of pests, which I have seen myself when I was in Kenya- East Africa. That's why neem oil also works. But if you want better results, you should use Neem base pesticide which is available in the market & also with our company JRA Enterprise at India.

If interested please contact through email;

We have made herbal soap which is made with 100%
vegetable oils, Neem Extract, Aloe Vera powder, Amla(Gooseberry)Powder and Pomegranate Seed Oil and it is helpful for all type of skin problems.


Where Can I Buy infremantle
by: annie

I have used neem for health reasons before, in eastern states and have experienced great results. Where can I buy a small amount in fremantle. It is becoming very tricky to locate it.

Neem in Fremantle WA
by: Barbara

Ring me on 9419 2271 or

I have neem oil which I use and sell for the black millipedes which seem to be spreading like wildfire in WA metro area. I will give you the recipe and can supply all the ingredients, all non toxic.

truly Tiny (baby) Banana tree was growing healthy until

My truly Tiny Banana tree at 7 1/2 weeks since I got it, it was very small but healthy till I ordered Miracle Grow palm & citrus tree soil. 3 1/2 wks after I added 1/3 to my healthy banana, it took 3 weeks to notice as I put my hand near pot all these aphids flew all over. It didn't seem that the flying ones were eating but I read while waiting for my special soil to come that a lot of people complained about mold & aphids in their new palm & citrus tree soil. It makes sense that's what I have! Since my baby banana is about dead should I spray plant or just treat soil where the lil worm stage eats the roots? That must be what is happening. I don't want to kill my baby banana so should I spray plant or just drench soil to save my baby banana? I'm writing Amazon about this big problem. Please email me to let me know if I should leave plant alone & focus on the soil the problem? Please reply so I know what to do??? I'll be waiting for a reply to save my loved banana tree? I'll be impatiently waiting a reply?

Neem oil in lieu of moth balls
by: Sandra Marshall

Since neem oil kills caterpillars would it also help in keeping moths at bay? If so how would I use it as an application of such?

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