Trying neem products against ticks

by Croes

I have tried to use neem in various forms against ticks for our dogs, but nothing seems to help; no neem shampoo, mixtures of carrier oils and neem and even mixed with other essential oils such as tea tree oil, mixing neem with powder and using it as "flea & tick powder", or a simple spray of the leaves. I even tried applying the neem pure straight onto the ticks! Nothing works on ticks, in any concentration!!

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Dog ticks and neem
by: Birgit

Hi Croes,

If you look at this other reader question,,,

Will neem spray kill ticks on my dog?

then you'll probably understand why. I am sorry that you are seeing no improvement at all, but the problem with ticks, especially the brown dog tick, is that neem does not kill them. It only interferes with their breeding. And I'm sure you know how long ticks can survive in the soil.

If you live in an area where the ground is heavily infested with ticks then you are certainly fighting an uphill battle.

Neem does not kill ticks
by: vj

Neem does not kill ticks instantly but slowly. I have collected some ticks and carried out some simple experiment. I found out that once they come in contact with neem oil, ticks stop eating or biting. They will starve to death.

Second they cant breed anymore. No more eggs. So no multiplying.

Try neem for 3 to 4 weeks, your tick problem will solve once and for all.

Good luck.

Regarding Ticks
by: Anonymous

I live in rural tennessee and we've found the most effective method of tick prevention is a spray bottle with a mostly vinegar and a bit of water as a base along with the following: Tea tree oil, lavender oil, chopped up lemons, garlic, cedar pieces and/or needles, mint leaves and peppermint Dr. Bronner's (this is effective on its own and would recommend showering with this).

Apply spray generously on entire body and clothing, if your going to be working outside all day applying twice to three times a day will probably be necessary.

This spray is also very effective for dogs though they might not like the smell too much! Twice a day on a fully outside dog seems to be sufficient.

Neem and Palo Santo EO Killed Ticks
by: Beverly

My friend found a tiny dog who was loaded with fleas and ticks. We used 1 oz of natural dog shampoo and added 1 tsp of neem oil, along with 7 drops of Palo Santo essential oil; mixed it well and lathered up the dog. Left the suds on for 20 minutes - it killed all the fleas and ticks. To be sure nothing lived, we did this again in 7 days. No more fleas or ticks were found. It worked perfectly without any harm to the dog. Thanks to God for natural products for all problems!

Try using diatomaceous earth
by: Krzeszny

Neem oil is good on skin, can be added to shampoo, essential oils, is healthy and all but as mentioned, it doesn't repel brown ticks.
Diatomaceous earth is different - it physically kills ticks, fleas and other bugs by drying them out and they can't get immune to it. Plus it's cheaper and you can sprinkle it on grass and even on animal and human beds.
You could even try mixing up diatomaceous earth with neem powder.

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