Ugly skin and mole gone because of neem oil

by Bianca

I always felt ugly because of my skin and my huge ugly mole on my face. My face was full of open pores, darks spots and flakes.

I tried everything, glycolic acid, skin peels, benzol peroxide, dermalogica the list goes on, all these helped but the result would be dry sensitive skin and load of money going down the drain.

My mole was also a problem, doctors froze it off, sliced it off and burnt off, it always grew back. I even picked it until it bled. The doctors said I would need to operate to cut it out my face and it was going to leave a horrible scar. I decided I would rather have the mole.

Then I found neem powder. I used it like a scrub on my face not expecting much. My mole slowly disappeared and has been gone for 2 years. My face was glowing and my pores were less noticeable. It is the only thing that works. I'm glad I found it, it has changed my face. I have bought a packet for loads of my family because they are curious to how I helped my skin.

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Impressive results
by: Birgit

Hi Bianca,

Glad to hear you don't feel ugly any more :-) (which I bet you never were anyway).

Thanks for sharing your story and impressive results!

What is this neem powder
by: Cathrine

What is this neem powder and could you please let me know where you purchased it from?

Well done for finding it.

Neem Powder is most likely leaf or bark
by: FloridaNeem

The powders I use are leaf powder and bark powder. Each works different. I would like to know which you used on your mole.

Neem Capsule
by: Anonymous

Is the author referring to neem capsules at

by: Stark

The title is neem oil while in content Bianca said powder. Please clarify.

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