Undiluted raw neem oil on dog collar

I am wondering if it would be okay just to put one drop of oil on a dog's collar to repel insects/ticks??

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Using neem oil on dog collar
by: Birgit

Sure, you can put a drop of neem oil on a dog collar. I don't know how effective it would be but it's an interesting experiment.

Is there any particular reason why you want to use only one drop and only on the collar?

You could rub the oil over the whole collar. (If it's a leather collar it will help keep it soft and pliable...)

Or why not simply rub some neem oil into the dog's coat? That would repel the bugs better and it's good for the dog's coat and skin as well. And it makes the hair nice and shiny...

That's what I do on my dog every now and then. I rub a bit of oil in my hands and then rub the hands all over her back etc. (I also always spray her while I'm spraying the garden anyway.)

Neem oil for leather
by: Natalie

I have noticed after using neem oil on my leather saddle and tack my nails have become very strong and look amazing , is this a toxic form of neem oil and should i avoid too much contact or maybe use gloves , i am a fully qualified beauty therapist and seriously not seen a product so effective in repairing dry dehydrated nails,,
I have had chemotherapy due to breast cancer my immune system is fine but my nails have not grown back well and my hair is fine but im feeling like having a bath in the stuff its amazing but what is the best neem oil to buy ?? Thanks

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