Using dry crushed neem leaves

by Jerry
(Jalisco, Mexico)

I have just recently heard of the insecticide/parasite uses of neem leaf. I live on a small ranch in central Mexico and someone told me about using them in my garden. I obtained a fair amount of leaves and was not able to use them fresh. The leaves dried out so I stripped them off the branches and used a food processor to grind them. This resulted in about 3 kilos of pulverized leafs. Can I use them to make an effective solution to use as an insecticide/antiparasite solution? Thank You, Jerry

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Dry neem leaf and fresh leaf
by: Birgit

Hi Jerry,

Yes, you can use dried neem leaf in exactly the same way as fresh leaf. Store it cool and dark and use it sooner rather than later.

Since it probably has not been dried properly but rather accidentally it might have lost some of its effectiveness and you may need to use more than you usually would. But it should still work.

How do you dry neem leaves?
by: Joe F.

What is the correct way to dry neem leaves for use later as insecticide? Are there any studies that indicate that preparations made from dry leaves are effective?

by: Adnan

I think you better sprinkle them under carpets, rugs, cupboards etc. I will also try it.

Neem is called 'Kalpvruksh' in 'Sanskrit' due to its Unlimited Applications
by: Ashwini

Leaves, fruits and bark of neem (Azadirechta indica) are routinely used in Indian Ayurveda medicines from ancient times. It is said that chewing two fresh neem leaves daily keeps you away from many diseases.

Scientific studies conducted in last few decades has demonstrated its antihelminth, insecticidal and fungicidal properties.

In India dried neem leaves are used in stored grains to avoid storage insects. Many ready to use nematicidal/insecticidal formulations prepared from neem are available in Indian market, those can be used in field conditions as well.

Neem Water as Insectitide
by: Anonymous

I boil water and put dried neem leaves in it for sometime. After it cools, I filter and spray this water on my holy Basil(Tulasi plants). Seems to be helping.

Btw, when I have cold and other diseases I drink this neem water.

Using Neem as an Insecticide
by: Anonymous

I use neem along with other herbs in a tea as a diabetic remedy application. Like a previous poster said, the easiest way to use it as an insecticide would be to make a tea, let it steep for a long time (until cool) and then filter the leaves and store the liquid in a spray bottle. I would compost the dredge so there is no waste or else sprinkle it around a problematic plant.

The tea I make for this remedy actually sits warm in a crock pot for three days. Crush the leaves first to create more surface area for leaching.

I would suggest you grind the dried leaves into powder and use it directly on a plant as well. Experiment and find out what works best for you.

Neem Flower/ Wet or Dried
by: Anonymous

Flower of neem tree is used by frying in ghee and consumed with rice or rasam in South India. In particular on first day of the Tamil new year (April 13/14).Normally fresh flowers are appearing during the period of March/April.

Neem Leaves as Antidiarrheal Agent
by: Sanjoy

I have come to know that neem leaves has antihelmintic effect, antibacterial effect, antiviral effect. But I wanted to know whether it has antidiarrheal properties or no?

as bathing agent
by: Anonymous

Hi, sprinkle dry or fresh leaves in bath water and use it. It helps in keeping sun rashes away. It's very useful in soothing skin allergies and heat infected skin conditions. This is very helpful in treatment of chickenpox - specially in kids.

by: Mustain

The best way to use neem as pesticide is to use neem oil instead of leaves.Take 100ml of neem oil and mix it with the same amount of emulsifier,(because any oil will not mix with water,).Then mix the whole thing in about 10 liters of clean water,take out about 75 or 1 liter and put it in a plastic spray and spray it on the plants.
Oil will last longer as compared to leaves. I use this method and sell it in the market in Germany and the people are satisfied.

Mustain khan

What to do/how to use cleaned and carefully dried neem leaves
by: Khagendra Niroula

I have cut 2 branches of neem by compulsion after the souring rain subsided.
I took them on my cleaned cement roof and let them dry there for 8 days. Today evening I plucked the dried but still green coloured leaves carefully and have stuffed them in a sack. I don't yet know how to store and use them and for what purposes.

Why dry?
by: Researcher

I want to ask why someone needs it to be dried? I just need a Good Explanation for my Research Project.

dried leaves
by: Anonymous

For the first time I have a small garden, oval shape. Can I use dried leaves as mulch? What can I grow in the fall? I would also like to grow herbs with a little bit of flowers, not too much. Actually, I hope to have an herb and flower garden. Need suggestions on how to get started and if dried tree leaves are helpful for the garden?

crop protection
by: student researcher

Can I get some information for the nymph leaves as insecticide?

Dry neem leaf powder
by: Nazim

I am from south India, lot of dry neem leaf powder in our company. Any interested contact me:

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