Using neem leaves to dissolve blood clots?

by Joyfull

I'd heard that neem leaf powder can dissolve blood clots. Is this correct? It was suggested that garlic aged in apple cider vinegar with added neem leaf powder would help to dissolve a DVT. What do you think?

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Need more background
by: Birgit

Not knowing more about the background for this question, the above may be irresponsible advice.

A blood clot is NOT something that should be treated at home by applying home remedies without really understanding them.

Blood clots can be life threatening. Deep Vein Thrombosis can be life threatening if the blood clot travels to your lungs. I don't know what your medical background is. Your doctor does and s/he should advise you on this.

I do NOT encourage people to take neem in any way to treat diseases, disorders or resolve any serious medical problems. Neem leaves and neem leaf tea are a great as a natural supplement, to support the immune system and your overall health. They should be used responsibly, in moderation, and NOT to replace a doctor!

The most important thing is to see a doctor.

If you already do and are on any medication for treating the blood clot, like heparin or warfarin, you DEFINITELY should talk to your doctor first before taking a strong herb like neem internally.

So please, no random self experimenting here.

Having said all that, neem does contain aspirin like substances, and as we all know, aspirin thins the blood. So neem leaves may very well have a beneficial effect for someone at risk of DEVELOPING blood clots.

But they may also very well cause complications if they interact with other medications if someone is treating an EXISTING blood clot.

You should not try to treat a blood clot with aspirin yourself without consulting a doctor, and you should NOT try to dissolve a blood clot with neem leaves yourself without consulting a doctor.

Like garlic or apple cider vinegar or any other herbs, neem can be used in moderation as part of your regular diet to SUPPORT your health, NOT to treat acute conditions.

To treat a medical condition, see a qualified herbalist, a naturopath, an Ayurvedic practitioner, or simply a good doctor.

There is a much better way to help the body dissolve an existing blood clot, and it has zero risk of interfering with any medical treatment: regular aerobic exercise!

Neem Leaf Capsules
by: Marie

I bought some Neem Leef Capsules 480 mg. It did not tell me on the bottle whether to take it with food or not and before or after. It just said that it is to be taken with Water 2 times daily.

It seems like a great product but I am worried
because if this is used as a "pesticide" how can it be "good" for Humans?

Azadirachta / Neem / Chinaberry / Seringa tree
by: Anonymous

My 11 year old Sharpei is coughing and I'm sure it's heart. I grind up a bit in coffee grinder and give it to him in chicken or sweet potato and he stops coughing, so I'm sure it helps the heart. He has been eating a lot of grilled chicken thighs over the past few years and now I have switched him to steamed breasts and veggies. I even steep the leaves in kettle and drink the water in my coffee. I feel great! Google it -- It is nature's pharmacy and has so many cures! I wouldn't worry how I take it, because it is God's medicine and mapped in to work with our bodies and not synthetic that our bodies will not know what to do with it.

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