Using neem oil on puppies

by Kia

Is neem oil safe to use on 3 week old puppies?

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Neem is safe for puies, kittens, kids...
by: Birgit

Hi Kia,
Sorry about the very late reply, I've been away. Guess the puppies are way older now...

Anyway, for others interested in this question: yes, neem oil and neem leaf are safe for puppies and also for kids to play with them. But don't use it undiluted on the puppies. You should never do that anyway. Any concentrated oil can cause skin reactions. If you want to use neem oil, dilute it at least 1:10 in a light carrier oil.

Homemade neem spray is fine, but use a very mild soap. (If using bought spray, read the manufacturers information carefully. It may have other ingredients that could be harmful.)

If you want to make your own neem shampoo for your puppy by adding neem oil to another shampoo, make sure the shampoo is suitable for puppies that young.

Neem leaf products are even safer and are recommended for skin disorders, infections and irritation, not only for dogs but also for humans.

If you are dealing with insects or mites, then of course neem oil will be more effective.

Neem on puppies
by: patrick

Had sucking lice on mom and two week old puppies had to use heavy vet drops on mom but someone pointed out castile soap was harsh on young puppies anyways the best method is olive oil as it smothers the lice. Take 5ML neem oil 2or3 drops tee tree oil in 300ML olive oil organic is best rub lots well into puppies fur and brush through with a lice comb boy did that kill those lice and the puppies seem fine other than smelling a bit like neem and being oily.Thanks this site really helped as i really try to avoid the harsh stuff and neem has the other attributes of sterilizing the adult lice and stopping the small ones from molting.

8 week old puppy with mange
by: Jeannie

I just rescued a 8 week old puppy that has mange. I heard about the neem oil curing mange but I don't know how to treat him with it. I know it's supposed to be diluted. But how often to I treat him and how do I dilute it?

2 weeks old Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) FLEAS HELP PLEASE
by: TJ

I have 2 week old puppies. Unknown to us the house we moved into must have had fleas inside before moved in, running the heater to assist pups warmth, we now have fleas. Mum doesn't have them, she's protected with shop purchased products monthly. I have a 500ml bottle of NEEM Organic Pet Spray that I purchased for our 7mth toy poodle and 9mth old cat, neither have fleas on them. Our pups are Dogue de Bordeaux Breed, I know it's safe to use a product called Frontline, from vets advice, this is quite pricey. I will buy this product this afternoon if the NEEM SPRAY I ALREADY HAVE IS TOO POTENT FOR THEiR AGE. I've spent all night removing fleas with flea comb on 11 puppies. One large puppy I put NEEM ORGANIC PET SPRAY (1 spray on cloth) and rubbed pup with this, avoiding the head area. This pup I found a lot of live fleas, guessing the product brought them to the surface. My Hubby said do this with all the pups, it's non toxic. I wasn't able to, they are only 2 weeks old today. Should I spend the money on expensive known brand that will kill and prevent future outbreaks? A big part of me says Yes! Then I look I have a product that works on my other 2 young animals. Another concern would be, my Mum dog likes to clean her pups at feed time, not confident this is in her best interest, SOME GOOD ADVICE I NEED. Very much appreciated, thanking all in advance. TJ

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