Using Neem Oil Spray while pregnant

by Satinka
(Escondido, CA)

You say stay away if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant. I'm four and a half months pregnant. So when will I be able to use it for my garden and the growing vegetables? When every other nasty killer insecticides are worse for me to use.... And if it is a diluted oil spray I'm not going to be exposed to a plum of vapors it sounds like, right. Thanks for your time!

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Using neem when pregnant
by: Birgit

Any research available to date plus the experience from thousands of years of using neem indicate that there is no reason to be concerned about using neem on the skin (scalp, hair...), in the house or around the garden at any time.

Ingesting neem is not always safe. Don't take neem leaf or bark internally if you are pregnant or trying to conceive. It may interefere. Don't ingest neem oil at all.


Vegetables and Neem Oil Foliar Spray
by: Sarah

Is it dangerous to spray vegetables with neem oil based foliar spray and then ingest those vegetables later at harvest if you are pregnant?

Don't worry about neem oil traces.
by: Birgit

Don't fret over traces of neem oil. Traces aren't doing a thing in your body. But fretting might :-).

Research shows that it takes large amounts to stimulate the immune system enough to affect a pregnancy.

You should not take neem internally because HIGH doses of oil or extracts have been shown to affect contraception and pregnancy in laboratory animals.

It's a common sense precaution to not supplement with neem capsules or similar if you're pregnant.

That doesn't mean you can't spray it in the garden. A trace of oil (and as diluted as sprays are we're talking traces), a trace of oil isn't gonna do a thing.

See the pages about neem and birth control and about side effects of neem.


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