What if my dog ingests it?

What if my dog ingests it?

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What if your dog ingests what?
by: Birgit

It depends what you mean by ingesting "it".

Neem leaf powder or bark powder can be given to dogs as a supplement. It's good for them just as it is good for us.

Neem leaf or bark extracts should not be taken internally and not given to dogs. Accidental traces should not do harm unless the dog has some kind of allergic reaction to it.

I wouldn't add neem oil to a dog's feed, but if they accidentally ingest some it should not hurt them.

Pure, raw neem oil is not a poison. There have been occasional serious complications when neem oil was given to children with fevers. There have also been some laboratory studies where animals were force fed large amounts of neem oil over an extended period of time and showed some negative side effects.

Hence the warning to not take neem oil internally. (There have also been studies where animals ingested large amounts over a long time and had no side effects whatsoever...)

Neem oil is certainly less dangerous than the ingredients in your average dog shampoo or any chemicals you may use to treat fleas or ticks. Don't worry if a dog licks a bit of neem oil. It won't hurt.

My Dog
by: Anonymous

Can my dog drink neem oil for fleas instead of spraying?

Re: My Dog
by: Anonymous

"Can my dog drink neem oil for fleas instead of spraying?” The best way to find out is by drinking neem oil yourself.

How to make Neem Oil for Dogs
by: Marilyn

I made the neem oil spray for my dog with the correct portions of vinegar-water neem oil. Put it a spray bottle. Worked great! However after sitting, it separated. NO amount of shaking etc. would it mix. I had to throw it away. What should one do so it will not separate? Or do you have to use it and not let it sit?

Re: How to Make Neem Oil for Dogs
by: Anonymous

Marilyn, this also happened to me. If you do decide to make a larger batch, simply heat it in a pot until you see a little steam. The oil will mix together with your other ingredients.

Heating Neem and Watery Solutions
by: Birgit

1. The active ingredients in neem are not very stable in heat. If you need to warm the oil for whatever reason, do so very gently and only for a short time.

2. The neem components responsible for its effectiveness against insects and other pests are not stable in water AT ALL. Always make a fresh batch. Use it within 8 hours or less.

This information is available on the relevant pages of this website. I always point it out.

Dental care in dogs using neem
by: Anonymous

I heard that neem is good for dogs teeth and gums. If this is true what is the best way to either give it to a dog or apply it?

Almost Complete Coat loss
by: Gooombay Punch

Goombay Punch is our 6 month old pup who had gotten very sick and has about 50% hair loss ads a result. He normally has a beautiful glossy coat. There are no parasites, mange, mites, dermatitis he just loosing his hair in clumps. Can Been help our pup he get his coat back. We don't want him on steroids. Please help. In case we don't see this post our email address is potcake2@yahoo.com. Many thanks.

Neem preps and applications
by: Zephyr

Mix or dilute neem seed oil in another oil and 10 to 15% etoh (vodka preferably) to aid with solubility. You may also dilute with small amount of water - but must be with etoh or mixture with not 'mix'. Will need to shake before use.

Neem bark possesses antiparasitic properties more so than neem leaf. I recommend 1/2 tsp of neem bark with 1 tsp of food grade diatomaceous earth for 45 to 70 lb dog and adjust upward or downward for size (full of minerals too) for intestinal parasite control and nice skin.

As for controlling various mites on the skin (fur, bird, rodent environmental phases) neem bark will help as a repellant. But, neem oil mixture spray will be even more effective if used daily.

Pure cold pressed Neem oil taken internally provides the best results for all of the above -- but given moderately (1/2 tsp for above size dog) mixed in favorite wet food daily. It is generally not recommended to take neem oil internally due to some side effects reported - but there have been many trials in which it has been tolerated very well. Take a 4 day break every two months.

I have taken it continuously for 3 years with staggering positive results wherein Rx medicines have failed in every respect for internal parasites and ectoparasites. Neem oil works on a multi-prong approach and is not susceptible to drug resistance as are the few antiparasitics marketed.

Use topically and internally. At a minimum use a diluted oil spray topically and neem bark and leaf daily internally for dogs.

All bets are off for cats -- they are just too delicate for much. May be able to use a very diluted neem oil topical or neem bark poltice. But, cats groom so most applied topically goes internally on them.

neem oil for ear infection
by: Anonymous

There is a product out there with neem oil and cedar for ear mites and infections. Would neem oil alone do the same thing? My dog has used vet meds without much success. He has many allergies which affects his ears and they smell bad from yeast infections.

diabetic dog
by: Anonymous

Can Neem oil be used on skin of dog with diabetes ?

by: Anonymous

I don't know where to buy the oil, but my friend they have a huge tree. Can someone teach me how to prepare some of those remedies by using fresh neem leaves?

Neem oil and cats.
by: Anonymous

I give our cat a dab of Neem oil on the end of the nose once per week. Has cleared up the bad breath and seems to keep the cat from puking up hairballs.

neem oil for ear infection
by: Anonymous

Reading the comments, someone asked, neem oil for ear infection ?

I wouldn't use it for treatment, but certainly as a cleaner. For infected ears, you need to know exactly what you're dealing with. If you're like me, and have had your vet diagnose ear infection, then this could be yeast infection. This is caused through allergies. What allergies?
If you are dealing with yeast, then I have a solution you can try. This has had very good success rate. I've had success with it, and I know people have had success when they address their dog's immune with a healthy food diet, which always includes probiotics. It depends on how bad the infection is. I would address these two things before it does get too bad.

Neem tooth and gum powder for dogs
by: Wilson

I use the powder myself and would like to know if it can or cannot be applied to my dogs tooth paste. He does ingest the paste.

Replying to comments
by: Anonymous

Why can't we reply to comments on this site. Silly!!

Neem On/For Dogs & Human Scabies
by: NoMoreHurt

I've had an ongoing, miserable scabies infestation on my body, growing increasingly. Seen at least 6 different Medical Drs, no luck, just different diagnosises, I'm perplexed!

Since this began with me, my little ChiChi has had hair loss on his outer ears, Vet claimed "Vasculitis" from being too cold, NO way!

Anyway I have some pure Neem Seed from a local India Grocery and just tonight really rubbed it in on my scabies, bumps & lesions. Kind of "warmed up a bit" but it's the first time I'm ITCH FREE in near 4 months! Only an hour or two thus far but I'm going to continue applying daily for a week to ten days, then a repeat protocol.

Now, about my little dog, he was very curious as I was applying to the scabies on myself, I decided to put a bit on his itchy ears areas, he LOVED it!!! He licked my fingers to high heavens! Just kept trying to BEG for more to ingest?!?!

How odd this is/was, he liked it apparently, I had NOT yet washed my hands after applying it to my scabies bumps, so there were residuals on my fingers and he was incessant on cleaning them!

I'm going to continue with this for the scabie treatment as well as his outer ear situation, and will try and update here my further observations and findings. Hopefully me and my dog will achieve some respite, the Medical fields have miserably failed us both on.

Parisites with just a tiny bit of Neem occasionally.
by: Maryellen Walsh

Ok this is a must, my earlier dog got tape worms from the dumpster a cat litter. I got them too. Yea. So I started in giving my self about one quarter to one half teaspoon raw cold pressed neem oil (oh as in the other two comments, it's the same kind). My dog got the same dosaging as myself. We zipped thru' this bad experience in days. In ONE WEEK the tape worms were gone. The dog and I took the neem with meals, of course, a protein packed meal with peanuts, nuts, beans and rice or meat. For parasites my dogs and cats get the tinyest dot of neem on their noses every so often.

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