Where can I purchase good neem oil?

by Charmaine M Lugo
(Scottsdale, AZ)

I did purchase some neem oil online but it did not smell as bad as I thought it would. Since then I purchased neem at Sunflower market, a bit expensive, but this one is strong (good stuff).

Please advise. Since using neem I have discovered I have fleas in my hair and not body lice.

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Buying neem oil
by: Birgit

Hi Margaret,

Yes, different neem oils smell differently, it depends how refined they are. The more refined the oil the less it smells. Often a seller may call something neem oil, when in fact it is a "clarified hydrophobic extract". This kind of neem oil is not very effective.

Even crude oils will have different smells, as this is a natural product. How and where the neem trees were grown, the fruit harvested and the kernels pressed will all affect the smell.

Look for crude/raw/unrefined oil, cold-pressed, preferably organic, and with a high Azadirachtin content.

There are several reputable online sellers in the US, for example Neem Tree Farms, who even grow their own neem trees.

Read through any site that you consider buying from to see if they give information on where the neem oil comes from, how it was processed, and how much Azadirachtin it contains. (Look for a minimum of 1500 ppm, more is better.)

If you contact the site that you consider buying from they should also be able to advise you which of their products is the most suitable for your problem. (Many neem producers mix their own lotions and potions, to make it easier for the buyers to use neem oil for different purposes.)

If you buy in a shop or at a market, read the label and ask questions. Look for the things I mentioned above.

Hope that helps.

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