Why is my neem oil solid?

I bought a bottle of this same Neem Seed Oil from a store in Springfield, Virginia on Thursday evening. It has turned into a jelly inside the bottle and there is now no oil, just the jelly.

I've had it for such a short time; what would cause this?
I can still use a cotton swab and take the jelly out that way. But I loved the oil; much easier to use.
Did I do something wrong?

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Neem oil only liquid when it's warm
by: Birgit

Neem oil has a high melting point. I goes solid when it's cold. It is normal for neem oil to turn to jelly or to go all lumpy at lower temperatures.

It doesn't hurt the oil. In fact, it lasts longer at lower temperatures. It is just impossible to pour.

When you want to use it, just carefully warm it up a little bit. A water bath of around 30°C/85F or so would be good. Heat destroys the active ingredients.

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