Will neem as juice make me infertile?

by Althea

I brought neem leaves from my country---I usually boil the neem leaves with pimento seeds--mix it with sugar and I ingest it as a cold drink--can this stop me from getting pregnant? Will it make me infertile? If so for how long?

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Neem and pregnancy science
by: Birgit

Hi Althea,

Please see the page about neem and pregnancy. (Sorry, but it doesn't make sense to repeat everything here.)

That's all the research there is. Beyond that we can not make predictions.

People ask me that same questions all the time, and I understand that you would like to know the answers. And so would a lot of other people and researchers and scientists. But we can't answer them unless someone does that research, and nobody will do that research unless someone pays for it. Which isn't likely to happen since neem can not be patented so there is no big money to be made.

If you want to conceive then I would stop drinking the neem. That is only common sense regarding what is known about the effect of neem in animals.

No, consuming neem will not reliably prevent a pregnancy.
Yes, taking neem internally, especially larger amounts and regularly, may possibly interfere with contraception. We just don't know for sure.

Science does not know any more than that.

by: Anonymous

The uncertainty of the question's answer is granted; still, I found this response seemed overly and unnecessarily defensive of gaps in the available knowledge.

Birth control
by: Anonymous

Neem has proven to be as effective as other birth control methods. Neem oil can be used locally inside the women’s cavity. Neem tea is effective as birth control only when taken on a regular basis.
When the person stops taking Neem, fertility is re established. To ask for specific directions, contact Foundation HELP.

Don't risk your future family. these dodgy replies say enough
by: Anonymous

So...don't take Neem if you ever want kids? Okay then.

by: Experimentalist

Hello everyone

I'm a young and upcoming experimentalist and I can say for certain that I am 100% fertile. I decided to do an experiment where my objective was to find an all natural contraceptive with absolutely no or minimal side effect and I found this in using neem leaves.

Using neem leaves internally in adequate amount for even just one day will in fact prevent pregnancy. Neem leaf tea taken the day of your sexual encounter and also the morning after prevents pregnancy.

Additionally neem leaf tea applies the same way for the men. It creates what we call "blank shots" in men so no matter how many times the man ejaculates inside of you you won't get pregnant.

I've now turned to neem leaves as my personal contraceptive and are looking for persons interested in joining this all natural venture.


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