Alternative Remedies For Acne: Neem Water And Neem Paste

by Mila Lecano
(Manila, Philippines)

Regarding the use of neem leaf as an alternative remedy for acne: I'm a mild acne and blackheads sufferer and I am interested in using natural/herbal products on my skin. My skin has been exposed to too much chemicals/medicines which were prescribed by my dermatologist.

I believe in the science of using natural/herbal medicines and I have taken into consideration the effective use of neem as an acne remedy. May I ask if the water used to boil neem leaves can be taken in? And how do you make neem paste? How long should it stay on my face? Overnight?
Waiting for your honest reply :)

Thank you,

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Neem as alternative acne remedy
by: Birgit

Hi Mila,

If your skin is suffering from harsh medication you can try neem as a herbal alternative remedy for your acne. Be aware that if you are still on medication, then stopping it may initially make your symptoms worse.

How to use neem can as an effective acne remedy:

The most popular of the neem alternative remedies for acne is to wash the face with a very mild neem soap. Soaps contain neem oil, though some may contain neem leaf extract, too.

The use of neem soap for acne is the most convenient way to use neem on your face. It does have the disadvantage that many soaps dry the skin, which reacts by producing even more oil, which can lead to another bout of acne.

Neem leaf paste is another effective acne remedy. There are several different methods to make neem leaf paste. You can use both dry or fresh leaves.

It's not rocket science. Just pound fresh neem leaves and add liquid if necessary, until you have the desired consistency. The same goes for dried leaf powder, just mix with liquid. The most effective neem face pack uses fresh neem leaves and soaks them in a little hot water before pounding them into a paste.

Don't leave the neem paste on your face too long. Twenty minutes is enough. Rinse the neem paste off your face before it dries completely. To let the neem paste dry can dry out the skin and lead to a slight irritation. As an acne sufferer you have to avoid absolutely everything that may irritate your skin.

Treating acne with neem leaf paste takes more effort than just using neem soap to wash, but it is gentler on the skin.

Can you take in the water that has been used to boil the neem leaves?

Yes, you can, but you would dilute it, since neem water for your face would be stronger than neem tea for drinking.

Taking neem leaf capsules and drinking neem tea boosts the immune system, supports the liver and purifies the blood, and so helps to clear up acne and improve skin health in general.

Neem leaf has been used in Ayurvedic and Unani medicine for thousands of years, without any negative side effects.

You still should be careful when you first start taking it, just like you would be with any other herb. Take only a little and see how your body responds.

Also, little is known about the interaction of neem with other drugs. And then there is of course neem's effect on women who are pregnant or trying to conceive! (Even though most scientific studies focus on neem oil, it is thought that neem leaf may have a similar effect.)

If you are otherwise healthy, not on any medication, and not pregnant or trying to conceive, then it is generally safe to support your external acne treatment with the internal use of neem leaf or neem tea.

I hope this answers your questions.

by: Anonymous


I want to know if eating 5-10 neem leaves in a day without water would really clear up the scars and acne.

I usually take 5 to 10 leaves from last 3 days. I just wanted 2 know if it is useful and will it give good and quick results?


Must not eat leaves
by: Anonymous

I think we should not eat the neem leaves daily.

by: Anonymous

My face is full of acne. I am very scared and depressed because my wedding is approaching. I use acne soap and creams for acne but it is not helping.

Don't know what to do?

Try at at least once
by: Anonymous

I know it's a hard time for you guys but what I suggest to you is ultimate solution.

Just take the bark of neem tree and rub it on stone. Add 4-5 drops of water and make it like toothpaste. Apply at infected part at night.

Keep for whole night.

1st day - no result.
2nd day - you may feel little improvement.
3rd day - it's magic guys.

At least try it and if u feel good, mail me at

Do this if u care.

Worried about pimples
by: Numu


I've been suffering from head and cheeks acne.

I used neem boiled water in the morning and neem fresh leaf paste on my affected area in evening. I used it for 5-6 days but it did not help.

So what can I do? Or for how many days should I use this product? In my town where I stay there are no neem products available.

Please reply me soon.

How can I use neem leaves on hair
by: Anonymouskavita

My name is Kavita. I have dandruff problem. How can I use neem leaves on my hair to clean dandruff?

I've heard that water of boiled neem leaves can be used to wash hair to get rid of the problem.

Please help me. You can give me a step by step process.

My email id is

trying to conceive
by: Anonymous


I am applying neem paste externally on my face for getting rid of acne problem but I dont take it internally.

I am trying to conceive also so would it be healthy to apply that paste or could there be any problem in my conceiving a child?

Neem external use
by: Birgit

There is no problem at all with using neem externally.

Neem Capsules
by: nikko

Bro, can I ask question where can I buy neem capsules for acne? Please message me or email me at

I need it badly.

by: Maria

Hi Nikko. You can buy neem capsules at a store called whole foods. They have many herb products. It's a very good store. Go online to find your nearest whole food store. GOOD LUCK!

Relief from Pimples
by: Anonymous

Hi I am Aman.

I am having pimples all times...small red ones. What should I do? Please reply.

My email id is

Help me
by: sagar khan

Hi guys, my name is Sagar Khan and my problem is that my face is filled with pimples(acne).

I am drinking boiled neem water from last 1 month. It worked at first but now its not working. Am I doing right? I m in a big trouble. Please help me and send your suggestions on

Please reply soon. Thanks.

Acne! :(
by: Anonymous

Hi! I'm a 20 years old girl suffering from acne for about 4 years. I tried everything but there is no result. I'm just depressed now for this reason. Please help me out of this problem please.

It's hampering my study, my daily life and is just killing my peace.

Suffering from acne, pimple and chicken pox scars
by: Anonymous

I have on my nose, old chicken pox scars, acne and pimple marks. Please tell me what to do to get rid of these. Is it possible to cure them in a span of one month. I have done everything...please reply me at

Drinking Neem Leaves Water
by: Anand

It really helps a lot!! Take 25 to 30 leaves of neem and then crush them or make a paste and boil the paste along with water in pressure cooker for 15 mins and then drink the water, all your pimples will go away in 2 to 3 weeks. I did the same, and now my face is crystal clear.

Severe Acne on Face and Scalp
by: Anonymous


I have acne on my face since I was 10. Today I am 23 and have been to all doctors everywhere. I still have severe acne and scars. Also from the past 2 years I have bad scalp acne. My scalp is itchy all the time. I have extremely oily face and scalp. I have heard about neem and want to try.

Can anyone tell me how to do it?

My mail

My Experience With Neem Paste
by: Ramya

Hi Sir,

My name is Ramya. I am using neem paste i.e., grinding neem leaves and adding a pinch of turmeric powder and paste is mixed in oil for applying on face. But I have seen no change even after applying this paste.

How can we permanently get relief. Please reply sir. Thank you.

Query about Neem Leaves
by: Sruthi

Hi, I am Sruthi. I am suffering from acne. I am also having very sensitive and dry skin. I thought of applying neem paste to treat my acne. But I am having a doubt whether applying neem paste will dry my skin more? Please help me whether can I apply neem paste or I should try some other one?

Any side effects?
by: Anonymous

I want to know whether applying boiled neem water on face daily twice thrice a day, will it cause any side effects.

Neem Leaves
by: horse

Can we apply neem paste daily to the face?

Neem face pack along with medical treatment
by: Anonymous

I am suffering from acne and taking medical treatment although it's working but still can I use neem face pack for making the scars lighter??? I want to confirm that it won't have any side effects.

pimple problem
by: rohan

Hi, I am suffering from pimples and pimple marks from past 3 years. Please tell me what to do to :-(

by: Anonymous

Hi, I just bought neem powder and applying how long till it takes affect? And would it help to use the neem soap as well for the face?

regarding boil of neem leaf powder
by: Anonymous

why do we need to boil neem leaf powder in water?

side effects of neem
by: shikha

i want to know that is there is any side effects of drinking boiled neem water for girls

Body acne
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am suffering from body acne and I have used neem in boiling water daily but it's not effective now.
Please tell me a solution,
Can I apply crushed neem leaves directly on my skin????

cure the scars of acne
by: Anonymous

I have had pimples on my face for the last 4 years. I have teied many natural remedies, it did work a bit but didn't give me a perfect result. But today I have only the marks left and got rid of all the pimples. I tried applying yoghurt mixed with lemon juice continusoly for 3 weeks and it showed a great result.
I would suggest to apply this only at night as the lemon reacts to the rays of sun and darkens the skin rather than making it light. So avoid using this remedy at the day time. And one important thing is that if u have pimples, after u have applied this it seems to be worse as the pimples break out but eventually it just goes down and lightens the skin by removing the marks of the acne.

acne problems
by: Trupti

I have a acne problem. Please give me a good suggestion. Since last 3 days, I apply neem leaves, a crushed neem leaves on my face, but it doesn't work. The pimple increase on my face, more than more. Neem leaves is anti-fungal and anti-acne, but it doesn't work on my face. Instead off decrease pimple, it worked as increase pimple. Please give me suggestion, how to apply neem leave ??? Does it suck the hotness of body and suck the sebum, so they increase???

by: Toika.P.Zhimomi

It tastes soo wired. I don't think we should eat neem raw for acne.

Skin darkening
by: Anonymous

I have been applying paste of neem, wheat flour, milk and haldi... For a month... My skin has turned out to be soft and clear with no acne but there is one problem, my skin has darkened. I don't know the reason of darkening. Because there is nothing else I have been applying except the above ingredients.
Can you suggest me something. Am I doing something wrong?

old pimples
by: Anonymous

Am suffring from pimples from 5-6 years.
I tried so many solution and doctor advise but there is no solution of my problem.
Waht should I do.
Please give me solution.

neem water
by: sivakumar

No one explained how to prepare neem water? Kindly explain please.

solution for acne
by: chhavi

The people suffering from acne should try organic red clover tea. It cleanses the system from inside and thus helps to clear the acne.

muft advice
by: jeetu

1.Rub jaifal on clean stone with one spoon milk and apply on face twice a day and wash your face with tab water. Trust me it gives relief from acne and blemish. And don't take any antibiotic.

2.Rub neem chaal on clean stone and apply on face 20 minutes. Then wash your face with tab water.

3.Use sunny bakson neem face wash twice a day.

Give suggestion for Acne/pimples
by: Ashok

I am Ashok (22yrs) having like prickly-heat (acne/pimples) on my face & forehead over past 4-5 years. I have used many medicines but no changes made. Can you neem help me. If yes then reply me soon with procedure. mail -

by: Anonymous

Hi, I am taking treatment by a dermatologist but still there is no effect. As well as I am applying neem paste too. Could not find any change in acne from past 1 year. It coming full fledge all over face.

need suggestion
by: Anonymous

I got small red pimples in my face but when I touch the affected area it's bigger, painful and hard .
I used the neem paste and applied in my face 1 week, it seems like it's working. Then in 2 week when I made the paste along with rose water to get more effective results but unfortunately again I got pimples in some places. I need suggestion that using neem paste along with rose water is hazardous and also how much this neem paste treatment takes to cure pimples. Please help soon, it's become annoying and irritate me a lot, you can mail me also at plz help me.

pimples p
by: Anonymous

i have pimples & dark mark on my face please suggest me how to use neem.

by: Anonymous

I got small red pimples & dark mark in my face but when I touch the affected area it's bigger, painful and hard .
I used the neem paste and applied in my face 1 week, it seems like it's working. Then in 2 week when I made the paste along with rose water to get more effective results but unfortunately again I got pimples in some places. I need suggestion that using neem paste along with rose water is hazardous and also how much this neem paste treatment takes to cure pimples. Please help soon, it's become annoying and irritate me a lot, you can mail me also at plz help me.

try this
by: sourav raheja

Apply neem paste on your affected area thrice in a week and take a sip of neem boil water twice in a day, morning and at a night, for a week.
You can email me for more info at

neem leaves
by: lakshmi

I have cystic acne on my face, I tried a lot of medicines but nothing gave me a complete relief so I tried natural ways to get rid of this. My mom made a paste of neem leaves and wild turmeric and applied on my face ,now it is curing slowly, it's amazing and antibacterial.

by: Anonymous

I have heard a lot that applying fresh papaya on face and drinking its juice on regular basis reduces skin problems specially acne but I never tried it. If some one tried it please tell what was the result?

Pimple Problems
by: Anonymous

I am suffering from pimples from last 4 years.
I have just started consuming neen water early in the morning. I would like to know this will help me and in how many days I can see the results.

Please help me at

pimple problems
by: Anonymous

I am suffering from pimple problems. I have tried all alternatives of home remedy and even gone for medical check up buot it's nt working. I even tried neem face pack and neem paste with turmeric paste but all these are useless. My face is very sensitive. Some parts are oily while some is dry mean combination skin and it's purely dry in winter but still has to suffer from pimple. So I kindly request you to suggest to get rid from this according to my skin.

Pls help me in this

By using neem boiled water it may prevent acne or not?
by: Bishwong

I got a lot of acne on my face so I got depressed on that, so I used a lot of herbal medicine to remove it but none of medicine doesn't work on my face. So I heard from some one that by using neem boiled water will prevent pimple. Is it right sir?
So about from 2 days I am using it. And does it work or not? Can you give me a info, Sir!
Just conact me for some information.
Thank you.

Need solution to clear excess acne. Need help:(
by: Anonymous

I've lots of acne and pimples. Everything is big in size. Disgusting to see my own face in mirror. Feeling very much hopeless. Having lots of acnes with white ends. Very much shy to face the world. I've using neem leaves for a week. Dunno how to get rid of these acne problem. Please help.

by: Anonymous

Don't take any junk food. Junk food makes acne on skin.

eye burn on applying neem leaves
by: Anonymous

I tried applying neem leaves with honey on face. On the very next moment my eyes started burning severely. I had to wash off my face immediately. The next morning I tried smashing leaves with hands and rubbed on face gently again it led to eyes burning. Kindly guide.

it will definitely work
by: Anonymous

Just take medicine named isotretinoin, it works.

Sensitivity and pain in teeth, how long can I use neem leaf paste?
by: Anonymous

Please advise me, thanks.

by: Anonymous

I have acne since I was in 6th class. Now I'm 23.
What should I do?

pimple problem
by: Shivani

Hi, I am Shivani and I am suffering from painful pimple problem. My friend recommended a neem water for removing acne and pimples. Can you tell me that does it work or not?? Please.

Face acne
by: Anonymous

I have acne from last four to five years. I have done lot of home remedies, nothing works for me. Now I am 23, what should I do so to clear my acne, will drinking neem water work for me or any other remedy will work, please tell me.

drinking neem water per day
by: Anonymous

Hi, I drink neem water per day since 15 days, my mom said not to drink. Does it will effect in future?

Pimples or acne and masks on my face
by: Vicky

Pimples or acne and masks on my face?

Conceive vs neem paste
by: Anonymous

Can you please tell me?
If I am trying to conceive, then the external use of neem paste is harmful or not?

Neem Water
by: dsr

For how long can I store neem water in a bottle? Or do I have to make fresh neem water every time?

Acne effective home remedy
by: Anonymous

Drink plenty of water. Less of sugary and fried food. Have Saafi tonic. Wash face with neem water twice every day. Clean the make up before going to bed and apply pure aloe vera gel on face and also nutmeg paste home prepared in rose water on acne sites.

by: Anonymous


1. Take Neem bark
2. Rub it on a stone (add few drops of water)
3. Make a thick paste like toothpaste
4. Apply it on affected areas overnight
5. It will dry on your skin giving you a cool feeling.
6. Remove by rubbing in the morning
7. Hopefully in 7 days it will reduce the acne

Goal is to keep the acne under neem as long as possible (Do it in day too if you are not going out)

Please don't touch your face at all. Use Neem face wash in combination. Drink a lot of water. You are more than your face. It will be fine in some time but the time lost will never come back.

Please help me
by: Anonymous

After boiling the neem leaves in water then how many days I can store it and how? Can I store in refrigerator? Please tell me.

Time taken for neem bark to work
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am suffering from acne and dark spots in my face. After reading the significance of neem bark for getting rid of this problem, I have started using it.
Please tell me how many days it will take for this to work on my skin?
Please reply.

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