Does the external use of neem oil harm the fetus.


I was searching through your articles,for a solution to my problem. In one particular article you are telling the experiments in rat showed that neem oil prevents implantation. But in some other articles like "Trying to conceive and ate some neem leaves" you are telling like neem products won't hurt the fetus. So I am confused. I am having scabies all over my body and I am trying to conceive.

From the internet I got a medicine like turmeric+neem oil+cocunut oil+olive oil will prevent the multiplication of scabies. But I am afraid to apply it on my body. Because I am not sure whether neem or turmeric can harm the fetus.

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Neem and pregnancy
by: Birgit

I think you may need to reread my answer to the question you linked to. I said my guess is that eating a few neem leaves will not do anything. I still would not recommend people ingest neem when pregnant or trying to conceive. I just also don't think they should stress if they did because they did not know they were pregnant.

Here is what I said to the other question.

There have been animal studies that [used large amounts of concentrated neem extract over an extended time period]. But there have never been any studies looking into how many neem leaves how many days after conception may stimulate the immune system enough to affect a pregnancy in humans.
(Which is what the poster had asked about.)

So all I can offer is my best guess. And my GUESS is, it would take a heck of a lot more than you ate.

In fact, I very much doubt that it would be possible to terminate a pregnancy in humans, just by eating fresh neem leaves. But like I said, that's just my personal guess and there is no hard data on this.

None of this has anything to do with your issue anyway, since you are asking about external use. I have addressed external use many times before. There is no problem with it. External use of neem products is safe at any time.

You'll have to do something about the scabies. The medicine you write about is the safest medicine you can use. Everything else you could possibly use is poison that would do real harm to you and a fetus.

Also, I don't think it's a good idea to try to become pregnant while battling a scabies infection.

You want to give your baby the best possible start it can get in life. Become healthy first. Then become pregnant.

Neem oil in navel NEW
by: Anonymous

Does Neem seed oil in navel prevent conception?
I accidentally applied it once but been trying for long now? If Neem oil is cause what I can do now?

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