Trying to conceive and ate some neem leaves

We have a neem tree. I've heard how good neem is for our health, so didn't question it. I've heard it is called in India the Village Pharmacy.

My ovulation fertile days would have been somewhere about the 20 to 22 of July. We did have intercourse around that time.

My period is due around Aug 3.

So i don't know yet.

But now i'm worried, cause i didn't know neem was a birth control, and sometimes i eat neem leaves off the tree. I ate 3 leaves one day and 2 leaves the following day, that was about 5 days ago which is around July 27, which would have only been 5 to 7 days after conception if i did conceive.

Could that have terminated my pregnancy if i did conceive, and if not terminate could that cause harm to the baby if i did conceive?

I feel really worried...

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No definitive answer
by: Birgit

There have been animal studies that used large amounts of concentrated neem extract over an extended time period. But there have never been any studies looking into how many neem leaves how many days after conception may stimulate the immune system enough to affect a pregnancy in humans.

So all I can offer is my best guess. And my GUESS is, it would take a heck of a lot more than you ate.
(This is a personal guess, and not medical advice. If you want a medical opinion you need to talk to a doctor.)

In fact, I very much doubt that it would be possible to terminate a pregnancy in humans, just by eating fresh neem leaves. But like I said, that's just my personal guess and there is no hard data on this.

Have you read the info here about neem and pregnancy? Like this question about taking neem after conception?

That should ease your worries a bit.

Also, while there is research data about prevented or terminated pregnancies due to neem injections or ingestion of extracts, I have never seen any reports of a fetus being harmed by neem. Again, I can't say that it definitely is not possible. Just that I have never seen any research results that report anything like that.

If you are pregnant, go and talk to your gynecologist. Do all the routine checks, live healthy, and don't worry. Because worry will certainly not help!

by: Anonymous

I have been exposed to neem extracts and I'd like to know if it causes permanent infertility.
I spilled some fungus gnat infested soil down the back of my radiator and sprayed neem there. A lot of it. Of course the heat of the radiator evaporated it and I would have breathed some of that in! Which I thought was fine. Now I'm so scared because I've yet to have children and I'm 30. We want to try next year. I've also doused myself in neem extract a few times to avoid gnats and I doused my plants in it the other day as I was frustrated with the infestation we have of gnats in their soil.
Please advise!

Neem oil in navel NEW
by: Anonymous

Does Neem seed oil in navel have any thing to do with conceiving? I accidentally applied it navel. I want to conceive but worrying if this would impact my chances??

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