What will neem do to a fetus?

My boyfriend and I have been taking neem leaf and bark since October to use as a birth control. Well, I didn't start my period this weekend, so I heard that if you take 3 neem leaf capsules, 3 times a day, you will start your period. I haven't started, and I decided to take a pregnancy test today, and I'm pregnant!

Now, here is where my question is. Since the neem did not cause me to start my period, what effects could neem have had on the baby? Is it possible that it could be damaging the fetus, or causing birth defects? I'm going to call my gynecologist tomorrow, but I just wanted to ask a neem expert because I have a feeling my gyneocologist won't know much about neem.

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Neem and contraception
by: Birgit

The research that has been done about neem and contraception is referenced on the neem and birth control page.

There are no studies that look at what internal use of neem does in humans regarding pregnancy. There are no studies that look at the effects of raw leaf or bark.

Experiments with internal use of neem leaf were done in small laboratory animals, using neem extracts.

As I write repeatedly on the site, there is zero reason to assume that taking neem would prevent a pregnancy. I warn against self experiments. To take neem for birth control is ridiculous. Sorry, but it is. It's ineffective. Depending what you use and how it can even be dangerous.

The warnings about internal use of any neem products during pregnancy or when trying to conceive are a sensible precaution. We don't know for sure what effect neem may have and we know that high extract doses in animals can prevent or interfere with a pregnancy. (We also know that high extract doses can kill some animals.)

Raw neem leaf and bark are not toxic. They stimulate the immune system. An overstimulation MAY make the implantation of a fetus less likely, that's what researchers suspect is how neem works. I doubt a strong immune system could harm a fetus, but I am not a doctor.

No "neem expert" can give you answers to questions that have not been researched. I'm glad you are seeing a doctor.

Thanks for asking the question. I hope it serves as a warning for others.

Neem powder for pet and pregnancy
by: Anonymous

I was told by a veternarian that I could use neem and yucca powder to prevent lice, fleas and ticks on my dog by rubbing it on his fur once a week. She knew I was pregnant and said it was okay, then I came home and researched info on the web and sites are pointing to the fact that it isn't safe and could kill the fetus. Should I be concerned?

External neem use during pregnancy
by: Birgit

If you have not read my answer to the above question yet, start reading there. INTERNAL use of HIGH DOSES of neem, or rather neem extracts, may interfere with a pregnancy in humans. We just don't know for sure. All we know is what happens in small laboratory animals that are treated with large doses of neem leaf extract or neem oil.

Please browse this site for more information.
This has been covered.

The recommendation is to not use neem INTERNALLY when pregnant or trying to conceive.

However, current research and experience from thousands of years of using neem indicate that there is no reason to worry about EXTERNAL use.

You can start reading here:
Neem in hair during pregnancy


Small Study done on HUMANS using NEEM for Birth Control
by: Anonymous


Maybe you just didn't use the product properly?

Effects of neem on foetus
by: Anonymous

Although neem acts as spermicidal, it does not harm foetus.

Neem Pregnancy
by: Anonymous

I am an Indian living by the neem trees. First, it is very tough to ingest neem in high amounts as it is very bitter unless you take some capsules.

It has no relation with birth control. No idea if it is a spermicidal. I think only some fertility centers can try that on the fresh semen samples.

In Ayurveda and India we have a general rule. Too much of anything; emotion or medicine, anything is bad.

It applies here too :)

by: Anonymous

It works to prevent preg with injections in both sexes. It stinks, but works spermicidally 'in' the vagina. It has been used to cause early miscarriages so if that is necessary, decide in three weeks, then seriously 'overdo' the neem with the woman, any way you can, till the womb's immune defense is strong enough to get rid of the 'cancer' reaction.

neem leaf tea
by: Anonymous

I started drinking neem leaf tea a couple weeks ago and I missed my period. I think I might be pregnant

by: Anonymous

Is it possible to get more fertile after taking neem if it seems to remove all bad toxins and then makes your body more effective to conceive.

Fact is human studies have been done on both men & women...
by: Anonymous

In fact studies on men & women have been done and worked. You can look this up online, the tests done by the Indian Army. It's possible a natural neem alternative birth control has not been studied further and marketed just like they won't admit cancer can be cured by mother earth... All because the greed of how much money is made from your treatments is more important then human health. They would prefer to profit more from their own man made brand/version than to admit nature has all we need for a lot cheaper.

2 months pregnant and still taking neem pills
by: Anonymous

I was taking neem pills and still get pregnant. I am about 2 months pregnant and I was still taking neem pills. Should I stop taking the pills? I am afraid cause I feel I might already have birth defects. Help me please.

by: Anonymous

Can neem capsules help bv?

I got pregnant
by: Anonymous

I was told by my sister that neem can clean your womb and can prevent you from getting pregnant, but after I took it for about 3 times a day for 3 days my period came, it took more that the usual the next month didn't come only to find out I was pregnant.

I am asking a question
by: Shaquasa

I want to know if I have to stop using neem when my period start or if I can continue taking it as normal. I steep the leaves and drink the water. I use it to clean my skin because I have an allergic reaction and no matter what medication I get it still comes back so someone tell me try drinking the neem.

by: Anonymous

Uhhh... NUMEROUS studies have shown 100% of sperm killed by Neem oil. How is that non considered birth control? And no other side effects. Means it's safe.



neem help infertility
by: Coimbatore

I heard from this page that, having neem for three days from period starts, help get pregnant soon. Is it really possible? Since I didn't have baby for five years. So this month I having the same for getting pregnant.

neem tea side effect brain disorders
by: Noriko

Neem tea with milk is toxicity? Neem tea with olive oil is toxicity? I cause brain disorders, vomiting, cramps, taste strange, food reacts brain, smell reacts brain tend to stop respiratory system. Conversation difficult, terrible nightmare. I vomiting for 2 month and taste lost. I used aspirin half years ago. Aspirin and neem is bad? Aspirin and neem cause allergic reaction? And I had spinal cord injury. Neem enters from spinal cord and enters brain?

My brain disorders will cure? Do you have any good method?

Neem effect on periods NEW
by: Anonymous

Can eating neem delay periods ??
My periods have been regular.. But from last month I started eating neem and I missed my period

My experienced NEW
by: Anonymous

Last month me and my bf having intercourse, then 3 days before my period arrive I take neem oil then got my period. But the next month I missed my period then I having a sign of pregnancy.

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