Neem in hair oil during pregnancy

by Sam
(New Zealand )

I am planning to get pregnant later this year. Our family has been using a combination of essential oils, neem and vegetable oils as a hair oil once a week to prevent lice (very very effective as we live an area with a high rate of them).

The neem comes ready prepared in a natural oil called No Nits that is just made of plant oils. It is obviously not highly concentrated as you cannot even smell it (I know how strong the essential oil of it smells).

I am wondering if it is safe to continue using it on the head once a week for an hour, and if the precautions against conception are just do with vaginal and internal use of they include topical use on the scalp as well.
Many regards,

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by: Birgit

Hi Sam,
I have covered this question repeatedly and the page about neem and birth control also explains in great detail how neem works.

Please see
Neem Oil on scalp while trying to get pregnant
and also
Dangers from neem powder application on scalp

The days where we'll be able to prevent a pregnancy by rubbing some oil on our skin or scalp are still a long way away!

Do not use neem INTERNALLY when pregnant or trying to conceive.

Research and thousands of years of using neem indicate that to the best of our current knowledge there is no reason to be concerned about external use.


freaked out
by: Anonymous

I am a dog groomer and for the last 5 years we have been using tropiclean neem flea and tick shampoo to bath the dogs. I use it on dogs who have fleas and dogs who are especially dirty or greasy. I've probably had my hands soaked in this stuff for hours upon hours by the end of each week for all these years. For the last 2 years I've struggled with infertility and miscarriage. It took us a year to get pregnant and then we lost that baby and then it took us another entire year to get pregnant and now I fear I'm losing this one too. I knew flea dips with pesticides weren't safe for use during pregnancy so I talked to my boss and she assured me that this was neem shampoo and all natural so it contained no chemicals or pesticides. I decided to Google every ingredient in every shampoo we use and when I started reading about neem I thought OMG I may have an answer as to why this is happening and it's all my fault. Do you think this kind of external use could have caused my struggle with infertility and miscarriage over the last 2 years of trying to start a family?

Editor: There is no way of knowing for sure. If you ask me what I think then my answer is no, I do not think it has anything to do with the neem shampoo. However, since you are obviously stressing over this I would definitely discontinue the use! Because the stressing in and of itself will be enough to make it harder for you. Do not look for a single culprit and also do not look for a single remedy to "fix" your difficulties. Instead look into ways to naturally balance hormones. Food, lifestyle and STRESS are huge factors here. A diet too low in fat or in calories, overexercising, undersleeping, family or work related stress, and, and, and..."

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