Neem Oil on scalp while trying to get pregnant

I am trying to get pregnant, and have applied Neem oil to my scalp to help with my dry scalp and dandruff. Would applying neem oil to my scalp be a problem if I am trying to conceive?

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External/internal use of neem
by: Birgit

I get this question on a surprisingly regular basis.

And I always ask back: would rubbing some crushed anti baby pills onto your scalp prevent a pregnancy?

Obviously not. You have to swallow them and you have to do so very regularly.

The comparison is not real good because the pill contains hormones. Traces of those are more likely to affect a pregnancy than neem is. Neem does not interfere with your hormone metabolism, it stimulates your immune system.

And if you ingest lots of neem it may stimulate your immune system so much that it rejects the fetus.

Read the page about neem and contraception where I explained all that.

We don't know what ingesting huge amounts of raw leaf might do in people. It may have an effect.

(Though I wouldn't count on it. Seems to work in rats but people still become pregnant.)

Please also see: Neem powder on scalp, effect on fertility, Neem and birth control and What will neem do to a fetus?.

The only way neem might be effective as a contraceptive is by vaginal application of raw neem oil before intercourse.

To be on the safe side, do not use neem INTERNALLY when pregnant or trying to conceive.
However, current research and thousands of year of using neem indicate that there is no reason whatsoever to be concerned about EXTERNAL use.


Making Light of Neem's Anti-fertility Properties.
by: Anonymous

This is an outrageously irresponsible answer. "Anti-baby pills" are highly unlikely to be absorbed in the system by rubbing them on your scalp. Neem OIL or powder than can react to natural oils in the skin/hair are highly LIKELY to be absorbed into the system.

You get this questions "surprisingly" often because it's an excellent and legitimate question. Shame on you for making light of it.

Please don't allow self-interest to overshadow your desire to be honest. The research on neem and fertility is increasingly showing that neem is an effective contraceptive by various mechanisms. I would never recommend that any woman attempting to become pregnant use any neem product whatsoever. Imagine a 38 year old woman who marries late and who desperately desires a child. Considering the research currently available today, how can you advocate her use of neem-containing products all over body during her last remaining years of fertility? Outrageous.

Coffee producers don't advocate the use of their product by pregnant women or those attempting to conceive. Alcohol producers don't advocate the use of their product by pregnant women or those attempting to conceive. Many, many products are produced by people that put the health of their customers (and their desire to stay out of litigation) ahead of the profit margin. They know that there are plenty of customers out there w/o pretending that their product is safe for all people all the time. I adore strong coffee. It's a fabulous product. But I wouldn't drink it while attempting to conceive, considering the current research on female fertility. I love neem products for my garden but I wouldn't use them if I were trying to conceive.

Neem-containing products - in various forms, via various delivery systems, and known to work via various biological mechanisms - are becoming the birth-control method of choice in India, one the two most over-populated nations on earth, and you make light of women's concerns about using neem-containing products while desiring to be or stay pregnant?

Wow. You just lost a customer.

Read the research and the site. Get your facts straight.
by: Birgit

Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous, please get your facts straight before attacking. Read the footer and the contact page. There is nothing for sale here. I have no products, no customers, no commercial interests, or self-interest as you called it. This is a voluntary project.

Traces of neem won't affect a pregnancy. It's ridiculous to state that they would. You need to ingest large amounts of neem, or even better, inject it as done in many of the trials, to stimulate the immune system enough to interfere with conception or a pregnancy. Read through the research and look at the amounts that were used.

Coffee and alcohol are ingested. And I carry a warning against the internal use of neem in my footer, and warn against internal use of neem by pregnant women or those trying to conceive, on every relevant page on this site.

India has been using neem soap as their choice of soap for hundreds of years. I do not see the Indian population having any problems with fertility, and I do not see any warnings on neem soap regarding use by pregnant women.

External and internal use are two very different things, and you treat them as the same in your comment.

Neem oil and pregnancy
by: Anonymous

As someone who has used natural remedies and has suffered with infertility for years. I would not suggest that someone who is pregnant or trying to get pregnant use neem oil, even topically. There is not a shred of evidence suggesting it's safety in that respect. It is however scientifically proven that natural oils are easily absorbed through the skin, and for that reason, I would stay away from neem oil if your trying to conceive.

Pregnancy week by week
by: Jehnavi

Rarely, it works

Touching neem not to get pregnant
by: Anonymous

By taking name everyday cannot stop a person from getting pregnant

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