How long can I store neem paste in the fridge?

by Susan

I am currently vacationing in India. While going back To UAE I would like to take some fresh neem leaves so that I can make a fresh neem paste for facials. I would like to know how long will the neem paste stored in my fridge be good for use?

I don't add anything else in the neem paste other than rose water.

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Storing neem leaves or neem paste
by: Birgit

Hi Susan,

I honestly have no idea how long neem paste would keep. It's something that everyone makes fresh and uses straight away.

It would not go "off" for a few days. But once the leaves are ground up and all the ingredients are exposed to air some of them will break down rapidly. I recommend you use your neem paste asap.

The leaves themselves should keep in the fridge for at least as long as the paste would. So I'd suggest to store the neem leaves, and only make as much neem paste as you need, freshly.

Of course, if you accidentally made too much and have some left over, you can put it in the fridge for later use rather than throwing it out. Do store it in a sealed container, ideally in a way that excludes air.

Dear Susan
by: Pratibha

The paste without refrigerating cannot stay for more than a day; it turns brown and starts stinking.

If you really wish to use those leaves, a better idea would be to shade dry and powder them. This powder can later be mixed with rose water and a little of neem oil if required and used.

Can I Store Neem Leaves in Fridge and for How Long?
by: saroj

Dear, instead of storing neem paste, it is better to store neem leaves in fridge. Before storing, wash the neem with cold water and keep it in fridge but keep it in airy can use those neem leaves for one week easily. For best results, make a paste of neem leaves add rose water, lemao juice, grated potato juice and apply the paste on your face for 25 minutes. After it dries, rinse it with warm water. And if you eat 2 or 3 leaves of neem daily it is good to your skin and also it will purify your blood.

Susan please reply this soon
by: Anonymous

Hi Susan, I’m going Dubai within two three days. I want to know can I go with neem leaves or neem paste or neem dried powder in emirates flight as I’m going with two small kids? I’m afraid will they catch me in Dubai airport or Calicut airport of customs dept. Please reply.


can we store neem paste in fridge?
by: manasa

Yes we can store the neem paste in fridge for more than a week, by adding little bit of lemon juice in it. It must be covered with non-airy container.

neem spray
by: mini

I have prepared a neem spray by boiling them to clean my face. How long is it safe to keep?

Neem powder
by: Loretta

Hi, I read some of the answers but I quite did not get a exact answer. I have neem powder I bought; I made a paste mix with purified water for a facial. I have some extra can I store it? And how? Thank you.

Neem water
by: Anonymous

For how many days can I store neem water (leaves boiled in water)? I'm using it as a toner.

Neem water
by: Anonymous

How long can I store neem water without refrigerator?

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