How to make neem tea and safe home remedies

by Regine
(St. John's , Antigua, West Indies)

My back yard has at least 20 + full grown neem trees and many little ones sprouting. How can I make a tea or utilize this tree in my home safely? I would be interested in knowing how to apply the neem in safe home remedies since I have so many trees. Thank you for your anticipated response.

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Neem has hundreds of uses
by: Birgit

Hi Regine,

There is already a question about neem tea on the site and there are also many examples of home remedies.

You can eat fresh neem leaves or drink tea, you can add tea to bathwater or hair rinses, you can make a neem leaf paste to use on the skin, you can dry the leaves and use them for all the same things, chew the branches and use them as a toothbrush (great for people with gum problems), dried leaves can keep pests out of stored foods, neem makes great mulch and compost that is very beneficial for the soil...

It depends what you want to treat. Neem has hundreds of uses. Browse through the site and you will find examples for using neem leaves everywhere.

Also, most of the safety warnings concern internal use of neem oil. Neem leaves and bark are safe to take except for their effect on pregnancy and conception. (Of course you should always use common sense as with any other herb. Don't overdo it.)

For external use of neem leaves or bark there are no restrictions or safety concerns at all.

How to make neem tea from fresh leaves
by: Becky

I have a neem tree in my backyard, and I want to know how to make the tea from the fresh neem tree leaves.

Thank you!

by: alvin

Can someone help me how to make capsule from neem leaves...
I can't drink it...its bitter.....

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