Neem and Herpes

Which part of the tree is **most** beneficial to use externally for the herpes virus? And should it be diluted with a carrier oil or used full strength to get the full benefits of neem and a speedier recovery?

In the Q&A section, all three components of the tree were recommended for external use (I understand that the leaf was used in studies; it wasn't specified which one is the 'Hercules' of the three).

PS: This website is very informative and thorough. Thank you so much for making this website available. Not many websites go into detail about the differences in neem products available. I feared neem toothpaste would smell horrid like neem seed oil; now that fear is gone!

With kind regards,
Ontario, Canada

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No research data on treating herpes with neem
by: Birgit

Thank you for your kind words, Ellie. :-).

Well, it's obvious that you carefully read the existing information about neem and herpes in the Q & A section (Neem for genital warts/herpes).

Unfortunately there is nothing to add.

Like I said in response to the other question, that is all the research that has been done on herpes and neem. That is what science knows.

One important quote from that answer:

"The scientists haven't been able to exactly figure out how it works, but neem seems to make it difficult for viruses to reproduce. This means the impact of any viral infection will be a lot less."

You ask for highly specific treatment directions, but all that science knows at this stage is that neem does have a beneficial effect on many viral infections...

Nobody has researched which part of the neem tree is the most beneficial for a herpes infection and what exactly is the best course of actual treatment.

Also from the other page: "There is no research data regarding the treatment of herpes in people, so you can only look at the traditional uses of neem and experiment."

Make sure you experiment in a safe way. For example taking neem leaves extract internally is not necessarily safe.

To recap:

Herpes is usually treated both internally with neem leaf (fresh or dried, either as tea or in capsule form) and externally by treating the lesions with neem leaf paste, a neem based cream or neem seed oil at least once a day. (You might be able to use pure neem oil or you can dilute it. See how your skin reacts and see how your herpes reacts.)

There are some reports (from users not from scientists) that using neem in this way does indeed speed up the healing of cold sores (herpes simplex type 1).

No, no users have done a study to compare which of those treatments is the "Hercules"...

Neem really does boost the immune system when used internally, and anything that boosts the immune system is desirable in managing herpes and avoiding outbreaks.

Keep in mind that you should not take neem internally if you are pregnant or trying to conceive, but if not and if you are otherwise healthy, then having two cups of mild neem tea a day is ok. And topical application of neem most definitely can't hurt. Neem has many other health benefits as well so there is no harm in trying.

Neem as Topical Genital Herpes Treatment
by: Anonymous

I'd definitely recommend using neem topically for instant pain and itch relief as well as accelerated healing of lesions or suppressing an impending outbreak. I have tried just about everything from acyclovir suppressive therapy to different natural oils, extracts, and other natural methods, some of which are EXTREMELY painful and actually exacerbate the problem (i.e. apple cider vinegar!). While suppressive therapy worked best for me, when I became pregnant I went back to trying to find some natural relief.

I was using vitamin E oil topically for a while but it was thin and difficult to use and only seemed to prevent further inflammation rather than helping to heal. I frequent my local Indian grocery store anyway so I picked up some neem oil on my last trip. To my surprise, I could tell my outbreak was starting to heal within only a few hours! No more itching or pain! The oil I bought was quite thick, so it was easy to apply with a cotton ball. It smells simply horrible, but it works so I don't care!

The best part is I spent about 4 bucks on the bottle and its way more than plenty. Anyone who's tried mainstream pharmaceutical cures (valtrex, abreva) knows just how quickly those treatments can add up. So give it a try!

Applying Neem Oil to hsv-2 Genital Lesions
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to comment that I also applied the neem oil to my lesions that was looking severe.
I had about 5 small lesions all coming out and I cleansed the area with hydrogen peroxide and then applied the neem oil.

I am so happy to announce that after doing this 2 times a day, the lesions totally healed in a day, literally. It didn't even burst then scab and then begin to heal. It just formed new skin and healed it itself really quickly, I didn't even feel the usual pain that I get when having an outbreak.

This stuff is great. Thanks!

Neem Oil for GH
by: Anonymous

I have been suffering from genital Herpes for last 20 years. I used to have aroung 3 OB per year and I took anto viral to heal it. I tried everytheing like veg diet, no alcohol, suppliemnst etc, but nothing realy helps. Fed up with alopathy, I started Homeopathy and it realy helped me. Ob are mild and self limiting, they healed within 7 days on their own. No need to take anti viral now.

However, six months ago I had OB on new sopt and I had stiff knee along with it. I was not able to walk, so I took antiviral and knee pain, stiffness along with it was gone, but itching, burning sensation remained.

I saw an article about neem oil, and I applied neem oil (1:10 ration with water) and gently massaged it on entrie area. And thank god, within 2 minutes, all the itching, burning sensation was gone. Since then, I am applying neem oil 3 times a day on genital area, and I am OB free for almost 6 months.

I am also taking neem tea 2 times a day along with it. I think it is the best result I have ever got for GH . I will continue this treatment for one more year and see the result.

Hope this helps others also.

by: Anonymous

The information given by others offered me hope and healing. After reading the comments, I am so grateful to others for sharing about the wonderful help they have had from applying Neem Oil. The Neem oil brought me instant relief, reduced the outbreak, stopped the itching and has made me emotionally and psychologically able to cope with an OB. I apply the oil with a cotton swab frequently.

Thank you all for your honesty and for this website that has posted this message for others. 3/30/2013

Hydrogen peroxide to cure herpes
by: Anonymous

I was online trying to find natural remedies for herpes and genital warts as I was dating someone who was infected and sleeping around not just with me but a handful of women. Anywho, I had used need oil before to cure scabies and it worked great. I believe after the first treatment, even though I used it for three days straight (I applied neem oil to the infected area and covered it at night with saran wrap and a sock. I also bought neem lotion that I also used as moisturizer in the day) but when I found out I had herpes, I figured I would go for the natural cures as the other stuff just suppresses it. I found the following website:

I learned that you can use hydrogen peroxide to cure herpes immediately as soon as you start feeling tingling sensation, you get cotton ball and spray hydrogen peroxide, leave it on as long as you can and they don't get any bigger. If its already formed a small bump, pop it with a needle and spray a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and it is immediately killed and does not get bigger. Viruses don't like oxygen so hydrogen peroxide is like a worse enemy ( any virus for that matter). I bought the food grade hydrogen peroxide 35% online because you can only get the 3% at the store and the stuff they sell at stores CaN NOT be ingested. You can however use the 3% topically, but again DO NOT ingest it. You have to buy the 35% food grade. The food grade hydrogen peroxide can be ingested and the above mentioned website provides the dosages to take as well as comments from several people claiming to have been cured from herpes. comments on how it has cured them. I was so excited when I discovered the website, and I learned about hydrogen baths with a half cup of 35% food grade hydrogen in your bath water or you can use the stuff from the store but you need like two big bottles as it is only 3%. I did the bath with the stuff I got from the store because I had to order my food grade online and had to wait a long time to get it in ( 35% food grade needs special handling when shipped via mail as the post office requires it) my first bath was amazing! I sat in the tub for about an hour, I had so much energy, but the best part was my OB went from yucky, painful, ugly, puffy, sore to a nice small white dot and the surrounding skin was not puffy but looked like it was completely healed. I put apple cider vinegar which buned a little and by five days this bump was completely gone! I took before and after pictures from the first day and though you could still see a white little bump compared to prior jumping in bath, it looked a lot better!! And i was only applying the hydrogen peroxide 3% from store topically. I am now drinking the food grade with distilled water. You start off with three drops in a glass of distilled water, three times a day and then the next day, four drops three x's a day; and the next, five drops 3/times a day; and so on and so one till you get to 25 drops. Check out the website, it was very informative. Guys and gals from all over the world our blogging their results as medical research does not waist their time on natural remidies because they can't make money...

Neem and Herpes
by: Razia Khan

Indians have used crushed neem leaves (syringa berry) to apply on measles and chicken pox and other viral outbreaks, both of which are herpes viruses. There are 7 types of herpes viruses which include hpv, herpes simplex 1 and 2, rubella, german measles and epstein barr, which causes chronic fatigue syndrome. Using neem for herpes makes sense.

Herpes survivor
by: Anonymous

I had to find a better solution because things were getting out of hand. During my research I found review of survivor who used Total cure herbal foundation herbal formula, in no time I had to order mine which get to my address in four days delivery. The herbal formula cure me totally from this virus and all symptoms terminated.

Neem bark
by: Laja

I prepared neem bark extract for someone with hsv 2. The barks were soaked in water and given to him orally at dosages of 100ml three times a day and he says though he experienced minimal outbreaks, they had no water retention and no itch and he had no fever and all three symptoms always came along with the outbreaks until he took the neem extract.

He is currently still taking the neem extract and applying the neem oil and is happy with the result.

Worked instantly NEW
by: Anonymous

I tried other things so I wasn't sure this would be any better. But surprise! It worked! Thank you! I have been battling itching and then painful bumps for 3 weeks. I kept thinking it was going away and then there were new bumps. I was at my wits end. Its my first breakout so it was awful although I was diagnosed years ago but Im under a lot of stress. I put that oil on last night after soaking in epsom salt bath and this morning all bumps gone. Will reapply the oil nightly for rest of the week. The smell is a welcome trade off to discomfort of the bumps

Fresh Neem IS Working! NEW
by: Anonymous

I've been fighting off herpes for nearly two months. I tried Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, Pao Pereira, Blue Vervain, Guaco, Dandelion, Lemon Balm, etc. Nearly everythingon the Dr. Sebi cure methods and up to now, chewing Neem Leaves every day at the begining of the day every morning for a n hour or so (since it's most effective in the mouth according to Sadhguru). And FINALLY the outbreaks are subsiding and fading away. Today I'm going to begin bathing with neem oil as well for topical use in my body wash so I truly think i'v efinally found my cure. Oh and I cannot neglect the fact that I have gone vegan and eating mostly alkaline and exercising. Keeping a healthy lifestyle and diet are so important and to be honest, i would have never looked twice at these two things had it not been for this illness. Good luck and I wish healing to everyone! DONT TRUST the Western World's medicine. they are TRULY keeping cures away from us to keep htem employed.

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