Neem as a "Plan B" to terminate suspected pregnancy

by Mel

I have heard of women using neem capsules in acute doses if they are a few days late on their cycle or suspect they might be pregnant. Is this true and are there any studies showing its affectiveness?

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Neem is Not a Reliable Contraceptive
by: Anonymous

I am sure it's true that there are women trying it. There are also women trying to prevent a pregnancy by ingesting large doses of neem. As you can read on that page, trying it doesn't mean it's working.

No, there aren't any studies in people. The studies that exist are referenced on my page about neem and pregnancy.

All we know for sure is that a large enough amount of neem oil administered orally can terminate pregnancy in rats.

We aren't rats and ingesting large amounts of neem oil is not safe and not recommended!. Don't do it.
(The neem capsules you mentioned usually contain either dried neem leaf or neem leaf extract, not neem oil.)

by: Winnie

That is plain harmful and stupid, I might add. Go to your gynecologist; perform a pregnancy test; get an abortion; give up the baby for adoption; raise the baby; do anything, but don't risk your body to toxic effects by ingesting heavy doses of neem. I am sure it will be effective in killing you as well as the baby inside you. Use neem for what it's intended and approved -- skin care/dental care!

Human Neem Studies
by: Anonymous

You can use neem OIL capsules like antibiotics! I've been "experimenting" with Neem extract, bark and oil for years. I just realized a capsule of neem oil "terminates" a UTI in hours... Sad they wasted money on rat studies. I know a child died from ingesting 5ml neem oil.

Stupidest Thing I've Ever Heard
by: Anonymous

Honestly if neem oil did not work for birth control in men, there would be even more unwanted babies running around. Take your heads out of your asses and do the research. If a rat isn't going to die from taking neem oil, a kid isn't going to die either, unless they take far too much for their tiny body like a 5 ml dose. 5 ml would most likely kill a full grown adult from an outside stimulant causing their body to form an autoimmune disorder. So before you start saying crap like this, just go get an abortion and do your reading.

Do research before passing on inaccurate info...
by: Beth

One of the best resources for Neem is a book called Neem: A Tree for Solving Global Problems, National Research Council, 1992, National Academy Press, Washington DC.

Besides the book, most of the information I state in this comment I researched from - the website for US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, by National Center for Biotechnology Information. I was a biology major in college and I am very careful about where I get information -all statements below are from reliable scientific articles and studies. I'm not going to quote the studies because sometimes I read through 5-10 abstracts for each statement...but just search on and you should be able to find them.

To answer your question - Yes and to quote "Neem extracts given orally at early post-implantation stage terminate pregnancy in rodents and primates" ...the USA medical field has not yet conducted any human trials so far as I am aware for use as birth control.

But Phase 1 Clinical Trials have been done (on humans) in India, Egypt and the Dominican Republic with very successful results. Also neem has been given to patients with AIDS/HIV at a dose of 1 gram/day and "Neem leaf extracts appear to be very safe at recommended intake levels with no significant reports of problems" ---Remember this is for HIV/patients. There were also studies done on human males with oral intake of neem and it temporatly decreased fertility and was safe for men - so it seems pretty safe for a woman to take it as well. It is NOT SAFE for CHILDREN however.

Once again - IT IS UNSAFE for CHILDREN.

And for adults keep in mind there is a difference between neem oil and neem leaf or neem bark.

Women have been using NEEM in India for hundreds of years to terminate suspected pregnancies and as pre-coital contraceptive both vaginally and orally. No studies support this but it quite widely known among those studing Neem that it can do this - but no one will tell you that it's safe yet because enough studies haven't been done on humans.

Personally I've taken neem leaf capsules for about 4 years - with no negative side effects and no other form of birth control. Mind you I did very careful research before I did this. But neem leaf is safe to ingest, neem oil is not.

Neem Has Been Proven To Work
by: Anonymous

Neem is completely safe... If you’re listening to the FDA then remember this is the same FDA that has allowed Genetically Modified Organism into our food supply and corrupting tests that have been proven to cause a massive list of symptoms.

Mostly Including Tumors and Cancer!

Use your head guys. You can check the site above and see everything they've tested it on INCLUDING abortion and safe measures of birth control not only for the woman, but also for the man...

You can say that it's the first birth control for men. It's proven safe and will return the man’s sperm levels back to normal after 6 weeks after stopping neem intake.

Health & Economics of America

Worked for me
by: Anonymous

I was a week and a half late and ingested a dropperful of neem, which then induced my cycle (I started the next day). I am usually like clockwork and this cycle was unlike any of my normal cycles. It lasted 1.5 weeks, whereas my normal cycle is 3 days and ALWAYS comes 28 days apart, so I am pretty dang sure it was expelling the suspected pregnancy. I think it is an excellent alternative to traditional abortion, which is very traumatic, and there are no dangers to the woman. I don't know how much would be lethal, but it would have to be a heck of a lot, and even water is lethal in a huge quantity.

neem it is very useful
by: vyomkesh

Putting it in vagina it is not harmful. To avoid pregnancy 100.1% use neem oil before sex.

by: Anonymous


Educate yourself
by: Anonymous

Like most herbal remedies neem has a long list of uses. While it may not work in every case, if you read up on it using reliable sources the benefits outweigh risks 99:1. Unlike abortions and Rx's the side effects of natural are less intense and less likely to happen. Be smart and be open-minded (like so many commenters here obviously aren't).

Ignore the scare tactics
by: Anonymous

Seems like some of the commenters here saying Neem is ineffective or unproven have their own agenda. They probably work for the pharmaceutical companies that stand to lose billions if natural birth control. Either that or is some pro-life agenda.

Neem oil has been successful for me in all sexual matters
by: Anonymous

I used neem oil successfully as an abortifacient when I was one week late. Used neem oil by dropping a couple drops in vaginally 3x a day, also took neem capsules. That is when I first tried it. Now I use it as BC and use a little more if I have had sex around ovulation. Noticed the benefits of it in every other area of life and now take it almost daily.

So far so good
by: Abubakar sadiq yunus

I'm an herbalist and always on research. When I came across the info about neem as contraceptive, I discussed it with a client who needs a safe and effective herbal contraceptive and he willingly volunteered to give it a try and over 7 months now, so far so good. No complaints whatsoever. I'm still monitoring. But it is working.

For yeast infection NEW
by: Anonymous

I haven’t used this as a plan B option but I have used this to cure yeast infections!! I have soak a tampon in the oil and inserted it over night the tool it out in the AM I only used a tag soaked in neem and saw all the yeast expelled it cured my yeast infection in 2 days. The neem oil may be very strong aigainst the bacteria so I mixed it with coconut oil!!

.00.0.0. NEW
by: Anonymous

If I

I am about to try it
by: Anonymous

I live in a country where clinical abortion is illegal. I am about a week late, and at this point, I'll try anything herbal I can first in safe doses before resulting to going to a medical proffesional who may turn me away. I have heard so much from people who take Neem for yeast infection and UTIs, so I can take it in safe doses also and see if it works.

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