Neem leaves as an insecticides

by Kadyv
(Trinidad and Tobago)

What about neem leaves as an insecticides please?

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Using neem leaf extracts as insecticides
by: Birgit

Hi Kadyv,

I recently answered a question about the use of neem leaves as an insecticide:

Neem insecticide for ants

As I said on that page, you can make a neem leaf insecticide by crushing and steeping neem leaves. It's not as strong as neem oil but it works.

Use cold water and steep the leave over night, rather than boiling them as some people may be tempted to do. Boiling, in fact, any heat, destroys the active ingredients.

Also see Making Neem Leaf Extracts

signa haiti
by: james Kishlar

Great web site! We are interested in using the neem leaf extract for our 23,000 sq. ft green house, so need large quantities of foliar spray. We commercially dry other leaf products via air confection and we're considering drying the neem leaves, then making a powder for a shelf life and easier application. Would apreciate your comments, thank you.

Volunteer Aquaponics Greenhouse Farmer Nicaragua
by: tim sewell

I have an approx 3000 sq.ft. greenhouse in Chinandega which is very hot. We use a combination of neem and madera negra that is very effective. We fill a 5 gallon bucket about 1/3 full of loose torn leaves of moringa and madera negra in about equal portions. Let it soak overnight and it is ready to filter and spray the next day. Warning: the smell is like a septic tank, but it goes away in about a day. If you do not have the madera negra, the neem leaves by themselves are very effective and smell much better.

Tim Sewell Volunteer Project Mgr. Amigos for Christ

by: Arlene Harewood

I am a gardening enthusiast who loathes using harsh unhealthy chemicals. I have already replaced my weedicide with boiling water for small areas and a mixture of vinegar, liquid soap and salt for larger areas. Needless to say, I am very excited about trying Neem pesticide. Can anyone please tell me where I can purchase some in Trinidad and Tobago????

contact me at

Crushing leaves vs. using a grinder
by: Anonymous

Can I grind the leaves in a electric grinder instead of crushing with mortar and pestal ? Thank you for this wonder site!

About the question if can mortar and pestle can be used in neem insecticide
by: Mj Sigac Beleña

Yes, you may, in fact we used that tool in extracting guava leaf, madre de cacao leaf, and also the neem leaves for our research in agriculture. We uses leaf extract in eggplant and neem consider as pesticide and no effect for human being.

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