Neem mosquito bite repellent

I seem to be one of those persons that mosquitos love. No matter what repellent I use (organic) or otherwise, nothing seems to help. A yoga instructor recommended Neem. I'm not sure if you take it internally, or use it topically, how much do you use, etc.

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Neem Mosquito Repellent
by: Birgit

Your question is already answered in detail on another page on the site.

Please go here for your answer:
Neem Natural Mosquito Repellent

If you have other questions about neem, there is a search box at the top, and you can also see most of the topics covered on this website on the left. (Neem repellent is listed there as well)

Hope that helps.

Neem oil as a mosquito bite repellent
by: harry

Take one part of organic neem oil, one part of citronella or lemongrass oil, two parts of light hans soap like nutroguina and some water. Shake well and spray. It will make effective mosquito repellent.

Use equal part of neem oil and coconut water and treat bites. It will work.

You can buy the certified neem oil at

Good luck!

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