Neem oil saved my skin

by John Cunningham
(Mt Barker SA)

I had an infection ie. ulcer like sores on my legs and arms from Golden Staph. Doctors prescribed antibiotics which healed the Golden Staph but the ulcers would not heal even though I had numerous swab tests regularly for 6 or more months which all came back with no infection present.

Luckily I was in a garden and herb centre and mentioned to the owner about my sores and she had no hesitation in recommending neem oil. I was willing to try anything as I was starting to worry. The lady told me to bathe then pat dry and dab neem oil on and around sores. Within a few days I started to notice the sores not weeping at all and the redness going away.

I continued using the oil for a week or two and they finally healed.I was elated and have sung its praises ever since, now being about 5 years and no recurrence of sores. I have tried to get neem oil in pharmacies and I have yet to come across it since. I would recommend neem to anyone for antiseptic care and will definitely try it for the other uses mentioned here.

Thank you for your informative site...John Cunningham

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Neem for ulcers
by: Birgit

Hi John,

Glad your sores healed up with neem!

I have to admit, I would have been reluctant to use pure neem oil. I would have tried neem leaf paste first.
Some people do get sensitivity reactions to pure oil. But for people who don't it really does seem like a miracle substance, doesn't it?

The reason you are unlikely to find neem in pharmacies is that it's not registered or approved for any medicinal uses whatsoever, and likely never will be.

Imagine how much money the big pharmacy giants would be losing if everybody knew how well neem oil works!

Thanks Birgit
by: John

Actually now that you reminded me she did recommend diluting it 10:1 which I did. Yes I agree re $ and pharmacy. I haven't read all the info on the site but did notice that they said it was one of the most scientifically studied substances so why would it never pass for medicinal use? I live in south Australia and would like to know where I could get the neem paste and other products. My 2 year old granddaughter has recently had mossie bites which have blistered,could you please let me know how much you would recommend diluting the oil for the sores and also as a repellent. Again thanks for your Knowledge.


Neem oil uses
by: Birgit

Ah, good to hear dilution was recommended. I also always suggest a 1 in 10 dilution.

Leaf paste is made by crushing fresh neem leaves or or mixing dried leaf powder with water.

You can read more about neem leaf here.

And I cover neem natural mosquito repellent here.

Re: Neem Products
by: John

Thanks for your reply again.

I know there are ads on your site where you can buy neem products but none seem to be from Australian suppliers. If you don't want to recommend sellers online but if you could email me privately where I can obtain small amounts it would be much appreciated. If not thanks anyway I will just have to keep looking as where I obtained the oil is 360km away and I do not know the name of town or shop.

Yours thankfully

Flea and Tick Prevention
by: Kris

I have heard that there is a shampoo for dogs made with neem oil that you can either buy or make yourself. Where would I be likliest to find neem oil other then online?

Thank you!

Where to buy Neem Oil?
by: John

The place I bought neem oil from was a garden and herb shop at Goolwa, South Australia. I do hope you can obtain some as it was about 5 or 6 years ago that I bought some.

All The Best.


Neem oil
by: Anonymous


I have bought Neem oil in the Soapbox and Honey Shop in Central Markets in Adelaide.

Best Regards

Neem oil
by: John

Thank you for letting me know of another place to buy Neem Oil. Thankfully I was able to buy some from the health shop in Mt Barker Plaza as a friend had a nasty infection and again docs put her on antibiotics which did not help. It was a nasty looking infection and within one week of dabbing diluted 10-1 neem oil it was back to new again. Honestly, Neem is a dream!

at what shop can I buy neem oil or neem tea
by: Anonymous

Where do they sell neem oil or the tea? I want to buy it and try it. Please answer me.

skin care
by: Anonymous

Where can I buy neem products in South Africa?

Places to buy neem
by: John

In South Australia I have bought neem oil from Goolwa at a landscape and garden centre and in Mount Barker Health food store. I think your best chance of buying it would be in a health food store or online. They have links to online suppliers on this site. Neem oil is great. I hope you get some.

pure neem oil
by: Anonymous

I would also like to know where I can buy pure neem oil in bulk in South Africa???
Want to use it as an insect repellant on my horses.

Neem oil saved my skin
by: Nirda

Hi John,
Could you clarify what a dilution of 10 to 1 means?

Is it 10 parts neem oil to water/another oil
or is it 10 parts water/another oil to 1 part neem oil?

Thank you, Nirda

Hi Nirda, in case John does not answer: 10:1 dilution usually means diluting it in 10 parts water. (The other way round would be barely a dilution.) The editor.

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