How to use and store neem oil

by Jennifer
(Smter SC USA)

I purchased 100% neem oil that came to me in a bottle capped with an eye dropper. It is supposed to be pure and cold pressed. I added about 5 drops to a bottle of neutogena bath oil. I apply the oil after my shower or bath. When I reopened the bottle it was not in oil form any longer but sort of congealed. Is it ok to heat it to liquify it? Can I mix it with baby oil or bath oils & if so what are the best products to use. Thanks ...I really need your help.

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Storing neem oil and making your own lotions and potions
by: Birgit

Hi Jennifer,

Your questions are addressed on the following pages:

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You can mix neem oil with any oil you like. It all depends what you want to use it for.

Storage of Neem Oil

Neem oil becomes semisolidd at about 55 to 60 degree F. Take hot water in a container and put the bottle till it becomes liquid. It does not take long time to heat. Do not heat directly as it will become more effervescent. Good luck!

Storage of Neem Oil
by: harry

Neem oil is liquid at 75 degree F. Most of the neem oil solidify at 65 or below, so don't heat directly but, put the bottle in water which is slightly heated; temp between 125 to 149 degree F. Then you can use it and it will not lose its properties. Good luck!

liquifying neem oil
by: Anonymous

You can heat at low temperature, it liquifies. heating at low temperature does not alter the properties.

Cold neem
by: Anonymous

Put it in your pocket for 10 mins before you want to use it. That works.

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